BMW X6 steering becomes heavy and sometimes simultaneously active steering and four-wheel drive Will DSC alarm maintenance cases

welcome attention CMX access number one hundred, today to share a BMW x6 repair failure case, the riders want to be helpful

failure phenomenon: a mileage of 170,000 km, models for the E71, N54 engine equipped 2010 BMW X6 sports utility vehicle. Sometimes the Car steering becomes heavy, while Active Steering, DSC and four-wheel drive Will alarm.

DiagnosIs: detecting a steering control unit maintenance personnel, found fault code 6137- steering servo motor position sensor signal Is abnormal. According to the circuit diagram (FIG. 1) inspection, it was found when a fault occurs, the terminal connector X14036 No. 1 and No. 4 of the terminals are short-circuited to ground. After the steering wheel to the left and go back to the positive point limit, short circuit temporarily dIsappear.

dIsconnect connector examination, no internal pin and socket abnormal. Strip inspect each steering wire harness, we found two wire insulation has been damaged. Carefully observe the position of the harness wear was found to be fixed Is not strong harness, the harness lead to long-term friction with the body.

Troubleshooting: repair steering wire harness and properly fixed, troubleshooting.