BMW X6 on the repair shop maintenance repairman just rose up the car, they found six failure problems

For the Automotive routine maintenance believe we are no stranger to the so-called regular maintenance Is to replace the oil filter, and in the course of routine maintenance, the repairman usually the status quo comprehensive vehicle check, its main purpose Is to ensure traffic safety of the owner. Well, today we come to know one instance, and Automotive routine maintenance as well as a comprehensive examination of the BMW X6 repair shop maintenance repairman just rose up the Car, they found six failure.

some time ago, the factory to repair a BMW X6, the BMW X6 mileage Is currently traveling more than 130,000 kilometers, thIs time to the owner the purpose vehicle plant just want to do some routine maintenance, but let the owners did not expect that, in the course of routine vehicle maintenance, the repairman also found a few tricky failure. As shown below; vehicle engine failure just arrived lamp Is on.

FIG. ThIs Is the repairman pumping equipment being used in the old oil filter base oil, repairman introduced, thIs place the old oil Is let go, if not deprived of it Will cause some pollution to the new oil. And when the old pumping oil, found the repairman appeared in the case of oil leakage between the oil filter base and oil radiator base, repairman said that thIs Is a common problem on the Issue of the BMW engine, replace it on the gasket Can be solved.

After the repairman smoked old oil filter in the base oil, rose up put the vehicle, from the lower figure you can see, the BMW X6 chassIs protection work Is quite in place, large and small shield the entire chassIs package Is very tight, say German Cars full of work materials, it Is apparent Is not groundless, while green the position of the arrow Is the position of the oil dIscharge screw Is located.

FIG. ThIs Is the repairman Is dIsassembled oil drain screw, repairman introduced to the oil dIscharge current Car screw the site and the junction of the oil pan and cylinder block, all have suffered different oil spill problem, the extent of the oil spill from the point of view, definitely not something that happens overnight, and it should long ago began to leak.

shown below; repairman at the position of the engine and gearbox in combination, but also found a problem of leakage, the leakage oil situation Is particularly serious, repairman preliminary judgment, not the engine crankshaft rear oil seal leak in the gearbox Is in front oil seal leak, of course, also possible that the two seals are mIssing, in short, no matter what the oil seal leak, anyway repair We need to remove the gearbox. But the repairman said that thIs oil spill four places above for German Cars, it Is a normal phenomenon!

After checking the repairman condition of the engine and gearbox, and these were BMW X6 chassIs member routine an examination. Shown below; thIs Is the BMW X6 Is a right front tire, can be seen from the tread of the tire, the tire tread has worn very serious, and there Is a slight eat tires phenomenon, the spot that the repairman thIs problem was quickly cure! In charge Will bring rIsk to road safety, which Is the repairman to check out the first five questions.

After checking the repairman tire, and the upper arm of the vehicle, the lower arm, tie rods and other components for the check, then repairman found, the support arm and lower sides pouches have emerged case of damage. Repairman introduced after arm pouches under damage, the vehicle Will be Issued a travel rattled the different sound when the uneven pavement, although not not affect traffic safety, but very affecting motorIsts driving mood. ThIs Is a repairman to check out on the BMW X6 6th Issue.

after the repairman BMW X6 routine maintenance done, put the vehicle on the exIsting six failure to inform the owners of problem but the owner said the spot, thIs Car Will not go down to subsidize any costs because the owners know that thIs German Cars to several kilometers, failure problems Will not repair poor layers are less than the repair, in fact, already decided BMW owners open to the end of the year he sold, so has always been in makeshift open. ThIs approach represents a repairman for BMW owners: You are good! Of course, we simply need to know the owner of the entire repair process under it!