BMW X4 towed back to the factory after being soaked in water, the situation after the master maintenance for owners satIsfied!

when if you ask what kind of Car aftermarket master more difficult to repair, I think most serious water master Will say the Car more difficult to repair. There Is still a security rIsk because the Car after the water, many electrical interface and line problems Will arIse, due to the complex Car line, so it Is very difficult to repair, and maintenance!

For those who are not particularly severe water Car, the difficulty Will be to repair a little. Some time ago, under a lot of rain, a lot of water soaked Car. Among these, some Cars were immersed in water more serious, some Cars were immersed in water Is not so serious, it needs a good repair. In thIs paper we to understand the maintenance of a waterlogged BMW X4, the situation after the master maintenance for owners satIsfied! The rear Is the BMW X4 shown below.

In fact, the BMW X4 water situation Is not very serious, because the owner of the Car know a little, so the Car Is turned off in the process after wading owner did not start the engine again, but telephoned to the master chef to come rescue, thIs Is worth our owners to learn! As shown in the figure below, lower front grille and the Car in the net there are a lot of leaves and other debrIs, thIs Is debrIs in the water.

We know that there are a lot of water after the rain of debrIs, especially those with a lot of water in the case of road surface. ThIs time BMW has just been dragged garage, its front grille and inside the engine compartment there are a lot of debrIs, need to first master the job the debrIs washed down with water! It Is shown below, which Is washed down from the vehicle master Automotive part debrIs.

Since the water in the engine stall, and engine and transmIssion are all immersed in water for a long time, so the split master engine and gearbox together check the cleaning down . If the red arrows, the engine and gearbox have been removed the master, the master in the engine compartment while spraying a cleaning agent, a lot of the nacelle. Green arrow shown below, the front part of the Automobile master Is rinsed with water cannons. The red area, the trailer hook Is fixed, has not been removed.

FIG lower, which Is removed to master Automotive engine and transmIssion. divIsionFu inspection found that its internal engine did not suffer major damage, the gearbox also not been a big damage. However, one thing Is particularly important that the engine oil, transmIssion oil, brake oil, the whole Car oil went into some water, we need to replace them all! , The intake manifold has been removed to the master, the object Is to clean up water and other debrIs inside the red arrow!

FIG lower, which Is the case of the front portion of the engine. The water inside the intake master dry, and then again impurities clean front of the engine, but also the water with air gun like harness connector position blown clean!

restored a few days, the master engine and gearbox gave installed, but also to the Car wash, and then start the engine test . Is shown below conditioned master test, we can see that the wind blowing out air-conditioning temperature Is particularly low.

In general, after the BMW wading flameout due to better deal with the owner, did not start the engine again, but wait for rescue. It’s basically a big engine and gearbox damage does not appear, master it clean and change the oil on the new normal! At the same time, the BMW inside and out have been cleaned to clean the master, the owner of the case after the repair or very satIsfied!

Finally, the master reminder, when the vehicle in the water after the flame must not start the engine again, and so Is the best teacher comes to the rescue. If you start the engine, the engine Will likely be severely damaged! Our riders can simply look at the process of repair of the BMW!