BMW X1 how thIs car? User: look at cars in general, read the maintenance fee, determined to give Audi Mercedes

BMW X1 Car how about it? BMW X1 BMW family as an entry-level SUV, after domestic indeed a lot cheaper, longer wheelbase and into the precursor after him and Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA with greater competitiveness.

The new BMW X1, BMW variation Is relatively large, increasing grille kidney, eye, and the lines to the hood ” kidneys “Shoulong polymerization,” press under the brow “, creating a sense of firmness and handsome front face; side of the Car designers to show muscular part by uneven shape, sharp beltline to create a perfect atmosphere of the young movement. Family tail lights, after the lights at night, one can cheap that he was a member of the BMW family. Overall, the appearance of the BMW X1, in addition to showing its own sharp and sporty addition, more pandering to those of us consumers, thIs practice Is still quite pragmatic, and sales are really good.

a wealth of configuration Is not bad, and some others configuration, also can be in the BMW X1 body see, price Is still relatively good.

but the only criticIsm Is that people, three-cylinder engine, do a lot of noIse, so generally speaking, that I do not suggest that you consider buying 1.5T three-cylinder engine of the BMW X1 of. Another Is the BMW X1’s interior Is not hIs selling point, although the BMW X1 interior improved cash less, but compared to competing products, and Is still a drag of.

So the whole, in addition to the BMW X1 interior does not reflect a level of luxury Cars after that there are other aspects still can, and compete at the same level product models, handling and movement Is still leading.

The above describes how the BMW X1, Now I tell you the maintenance costs of it!

maintenance costs, we should be divided into: cost of daily use and maintenance costs.

cost of daily use, the most important Is fuel consumption, according to real data that reflects the owner BMW X1, 1.5T models 100 km fuel consumption Is 8 to 9 oil; about 2.0T models 100 km fuel consumption from 9 to 10 oil. (6 cents per kilometer fuel consumption) Ps: thIs thing with the fuel consumption of individual driving habits or have a certain relationship.

maintenance costs, 1.5T models small security costs 940 yuan, a large security costs 2213 ~ 2918 yuan; 2.0T models small insurance costs 948 yuan, the Great Barrier 2221 ~ 2926 yuan fee.

Comments: The summary can be seen, in fact, the BMW X1 Car Is still very good, compared to the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Car also has a good competitive , maintenance costs, it should also be also be right, you can weigh in their hearts. BMW X1 how feel like thIs Car? There are also friends to laugh: look at Cars that generally, after reading the maintenance costs, determined to give the Audi Mercedes-Benz!

BMW X1, OK? User: look at Cars in general, read the maintenance fee, determined to give the Audi Benz