BMW X1 car abnormal sound transmIssion fault maintenance records

X1 Is BMW’s most compact body of SUV models. Officially released in July 2009, and immediately announced the lIsting. Appearance, the BMW X1 front looks like the X3 mid-term facelift, but after the fender lines have a unique design, combined with the rear lines more tough, which gives the X1 certain Offroad through sex, but also more compact models an important symbol X1. Inside a great breakthrough. Although there are obvious BMW style, but fine compare X1 uses a lot of new elements, especially in the control aspects of the multi-line style, highlighting the vitality of BMW’s compact SUV. Power, BMW X1 Is equipped with dIsplacement L4 / L6 engine of 2.0 to 3.0.

Next we followed the maintenance of the master’s look today to the repair shop of the BMW X1 Car there was something wrong with it!

today to the repair shop of the BMW X1 Car production in May 2013, the engine model Is N20B20 2.0L, transmIssion models are equipped with AT 8 profile 845RE / ZF8HP45 manual transmIssion.

trouble code;

trouble code;

The transfer case faults: fault differential

client described: abnormal sound transmIssion, the vehicle motion abnormality;

detection of the box, ready maintenance;

differential position;

being detachable chassIs;

preparation Remove differential;

In other the new differential;

the new differential assembly;

bottom cover assembly;

After completion of the assembly differential match detection;

after the master test; abnormal sound phenomenon and abnormal jitter cleaner.

Cheung way Jiahe Tips: As summer temperatures rIse, causing the vehicle to emerge feeling frustrated, lock files, severe cases lead to take the Car, excessive fuel consumption, poor shift quality, if the above please contact us! Please note that the maintenance of your Car