BMW X1 as long as 290,000, but the maintenance costs of up to 2 million, could not afford afford to buy these luxury cars

high Car prices dropping, it seems that so many luxury Car brands have become within reach, but after seeing their sky-high maintenance you Will know or can not afford to buy I can not afford.

According to the latest Auto parts than the whole Bulgarian Association released data show that Car prices quietly common parts, Auto parts price even doubled up, the top five of the luxury brand models required astronomical maintenance costs you absolutely unexpected. (Zero coefficient = ratio of the entire vehicle price parts price รท)

the GLK Benz

guidance: 44.8-72.8 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY)

than zero integer coefficients: 827.58%

as the originator of the Automobile industry, not only to the forefront in the Mercedes-Benz repairer, that which Is not far behind in other respects. 827.58% of zero-stoichiometric coefficients, may I ask who else to contend with, certainly confide champion ah. But now can rest assured that, as early as 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK has been dIscontinued, the future Is also abused child not want more money.


guidance: 31.28-48.90 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY)

than zero integer factor: 645.97%

as sky-high maintenance costs ranked second in the models, the late high maintenance costs does not seem to Mercedes-Benz C-class Is great an impact , C-level model Is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz family. Seen in thIs light, the real tyrant like Mercedes-Benz C-class Is really a lot, What kind of price maintenance, not much impact okay!

Volvo S60L

guidance: 26.69-39.09 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY)

than zero integer coefficients : 620.12%

Volvo safety has always been known for thIs luxury brand, a point that repair to repair the problemFees are unambiguous. Since its acquIsition of Volvo Geely, it can be described as sales soared all the way. Some strength combined with effective propaganda, have to say, the new model came out really amazing, Is also popular market. But good Car king word of warning, the Car Is good, but tight budgets still have to bite the bullet and buy a think clearly, post-maintenance you Will know how much money stuffed heart.

BMW the X1

guidance: 28.60-43.90 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY)

than zero integer coefficients : 618.64%

as BMW’s entry-level SUV models, the BMW X1 price Will probably pleasantly surprIsed quite a few people now! But compared to the same level of competition, in fact, the BMW X1 in the price and there Is no advantage, Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA Will happen much cheaper, more important Is 618.64% of the whole than zero coefficient would make him late in the repair and maintenance spend more costs, so consumers like the brand before buying or need to pay more to consider.

Lexus ES

guidance: 28.60-43.90 ten thousand yuan(CNY)(CNY)

than zero integer coefficients : 618.64%

BBA fiercest battle in the first-line luxury brands, while second-tier luxury brand in the field also smoke, the same fierce competition. Lexus regarded fared better in the second-tier luxury brand, in the first eleven months of thIs year, the cumulative sales of nearly 120,000, a record high, showing that consumer favorability Lexus Is still very high. But good Car Lexus Jun estimate the 618.64% zero integer coefficients than enough to sCare probably because of the large number of people, I could not afford to buy from ah.