BMW X1 and Mercedes GLC how the election? Post-maintenance which Is more cheaper?

recently took a fancy BMW X1 2.0T Deluxe Edition and Mercedes GLC200, X1 Is configured to be a little higher but beggars can only buy GLC version, a compact Is a medium-sized SUV, I do not know how to choose ? The latter two of which Car cheaper? Good NVH focus on power quality and stability maintenance Is relatively cheaper, or recommend the same price there are other Car?

In fact, many people with tangle Is a compact SUV that Is a midsize SUV, but that Is only because of market positioning, you really look Carefully both Car models, in fact, it Is in space but also a little more BMW X1, the BMW X1 Is back to what extent, it Is with great side Baojun 560 Is the highest road of some one.

Even the GLC added L BMW X1 may not have a large space, from thIs perspective, it Is configured also higher, from the ride quality Is personally feel X1 also open a little better, although it Is a front-drive, so I think you do not have any reason to be more expensive brand strength almost lower configuration of the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

In addition X1 Is actually quite cheating, Q3 and with it the name of the subject under the guIse of GLA, and then himself so much out of a Car, in fact, make the above selling Car Is not very good, there’s not selling it X3 X1 also has a pot, because it does a lot of X3’s top market, Is really cheating.

words from maintenance to consider in thIs regard are similar, since it has been chosen to buy BBA must be psychologically prepared for maintenance more expensive, not to buy 7 Series one thousand words a small maintenance Is much more than two thousand maintenance of thIs state, including NVH quality stability are also similar, with the level you want to buy another Car, under the recently launched Infiniti QX50 can consider that a good Car because too cheap and the whole system comes standard configuration Is high, the price Is so low and quiet nature Is very good, very comfortable to open up, in addition to brand a little niche that others are great. If you want to pursue cost-effective, then it Is very good.