BMW were many small problems, after the warranty period, maintenance problems serious?

German Cars electronic level Is relatively high, the engine pursuit of extreme performance, especially BBA thIs luxury Car, the use of new technologies Is greater, resulting in a decline in reliability. ThIs Is reflected in the previous era of BMW naturally aspirated more, such as the early valvetronic SCREW fault, burning oil Issues, most notably the BMW straight six engine oil leakage self-priming, almost certain number of years of straight-six engine seal aging Will appear. Because BMW’s strong brand, compare recruit black, so these faults have been dIsseminated widely, huh, huh.

However, as the Car has a BMW Car owners, Paul, now I think BMW turbo era of quality has been relatively stable. As the first turbocharged BMW’s main model –N20, a launch that Ward won the world’s top ten, its 2.0T high-power version Is comparable to the performance of the legendary BMW straight six 3.0 self-absorption. Use down a few years, thIs model’s reliability has been good. The only flaw Is that sealing problems valve chamber cover.

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the warranty period, improved after 15 of the valve chamber cover Is said, Will not be mIssed. So far I have not found the problem of oil leakage again. ThIs Is a service for several years the only Car I happened, other places are not any problems before. As a true owners, the Internet can refer to negative News, but not others. N20 engine horsepower and 245ps, the acceleration Is 6.5 seconds. The valve chamber oil leakage defects, I Is acceptable, and has been changing for the better. I do not want to blind pursuit of stability, and give up on performance.

as long as the attention to maintenance, also, the family has 06 sets of 320, it has not been a problem, vacuum pump oil spill last year, to buy a repair or replacement, and recently co-pilot remote control glass and switch the main driving electronic lock Is broken, 10 years old Car can be, for which there Is a fuse box changed, repaired on their own to buy the relay welding. There are 11 years of a 325, variable cam change their own motor oil seal ring and sensors, drive a BMW, the best ability of some strong yourself.