BMW water maintenance work Share

BMW water maintenance work to share

Welcome to About California Bo Rui Mastery number one hundred, let’s put together a group of BMW Water Figure maintenance work, share the riders.

In recent days California heavy rain, a lot of riders Car Is not flooded Is flooded.

Here we share our water maintenance BMW case one case

After thIs Car to the shop, cab overhaul the water problem. Test results for the skylight leaks. In fact, rain Is no problem, mainly these days too much rain. Clogged drain water can not be dIscharged. A skylight maintenance check Is recommended when the riders each Carry out maintenance. To avoid thIs from happening.

open position to the maintenance man, remove the sunroof.
Usually sunroof drain clogging Is leaking.
cab traces of water
rear seat Carpet water traces.

sunroof drain cleaning

outfall location by comparIson, open the sunroof can only show half position can only be removed to clean the drain.

Start mounted skylight

install completed.