BMW to repair the result of spontaneous combustion, the repairman was fired for no reason, 4S shop: he did it, do not look for me

For now, the people, buying a Car Is not easy, after all, Is no longer a 4S shop 4S shop of the year, while buyers Will always be your buyers! When it comes to the 4S shop black heart, I thought they were just black-hearted people to buy a Car, who know their people do thIs. Buying a Car Is not easy, so I’m taking it easy on a Car? Chen Is so mechanical and electrical maintenance dIsmIssed 4S shop, specifically how to do?

Chen spent four years in a 4S shop, Is a mechanical and electrical maintenance worker. That day the store to the BMW 5 Series, Chen, as usual, these vehicles open to the second floor of the parking lot, what actions did not do, the result of more than 5:00 the next morning, BMW spontaneous combustion. Fire department investigated, factory engineers came, and specific details of the 4S shop did not tell Chen. The front of the Car first as smoke, and then next to a fire occurs, BMW experts also came to check, and did not say specifically, but Chen said the time may be nothing to do with hIs own show!

However, to the 5th of thIs month, Chen suddenly received a notification letter to terminate the labor contract, it Is clear that the above description the company since March 5, 2019 to terminate the labor contract relationship with you, a fired letter. Chen took the letter to the manager of the company theory, manager of the BMW spontaneous event to Chen responsible for their own! The reason: a fire accident, you do not power off! Chen said after the BMW Car battery under the trunk, by convention only serious Car accident, the Car caught fire in order to prevent the Auto repair work Will open the trunk of the negative battery removed to achieve the effect of power failure. At that time, bike BMW Car just hit the front, there Is no need to power down.

before Chen said the company managers and not have a problem, has been before did not say Is their own fault, and now suddenly lost hIs job , Chen’s heart was very wronged. 4S store manager just said that Chen did violate the relevant provIsions of the company, because the company property damage due to improper operation, specifically related to customer privacy Is not convenient to say. Chen Is a complaint with the local authorities, 4S shop Is also prepared to follow up the results still further in!

I do not know how you look? The operation Is not the right thing, once the problem Is the problem of technician, fired off hIs own stay out, really Haohen!