BMW to repair, but the spray of non-original paint, 4s: What I spray paint, but also to tell you?

Many people buy a Mercedes-Benz Car always think of BMW, Mercedes and believe that BMW would be better than the average Car, no matter what Is good, good quality, after service, good after-sales! The Car Is a problem, however, Is still irresponsible, can shirk on the push, you Will not be able to make more money in less money. Before you buy a Car Is definitely uncle, lie to you after the money paid to what the Car Is that they were shipped, and there are problems back Car Is impossible!

Mr. Zhou bought a BMW, a Car battery while back and scratch occurred before the tenure damage, police determine parties with responsibility. Mr. Yu Shizhou take it to the 4S shop, waiting for the insurance company to assess the damage, then claims go! All the rest of the things handed over to the insurance company to deal with, two days after the Car repaired! Chow drove home, Carefully looked at the repair lIst, I find thIs painting that says non-original paint! ThIs makes some depressed Chow, how not to use my original paint it? Original paint Is certainly good!

He suggests that it Is the responsibility of insurance companies, non-original paint them deliberately, then the money to pay Will be less some! So to find an insurance company, you want to have a say, but the insurance company said to the 4S shop paint spray sure that the original paint, and have been previously explained, thIs Is definitely 4S shop cut corners! Mr. Yu Shizhou Will find the 4S shop, 4S shop but they did not come forward to answer the question who Is responsible, are avoided, as if the paint Is not in thIs to do the same! Chow certainly do not want to eat thIs loss, through various means finally found a director 4S shop!

director, said: ThIs Is the original paint, just write the wrong time. Because we purchase paint only two channels, one another purchase directly from the BMW purchase directly from suppliers, the cost Is the time of dIscharge, are designated BMW dealers, are the same things that are the same price! Chow Is still far from assured, then Why do you always no one came forward to answer thIs question? Director, said: Because we use the original paint, so what we spray paint, Is it still possible to tell you it? That Will not be necessary! Mr. Zhou was very angry, youI can not accept thIs attitude, you have to pay for! But 4S shop did not have any response to it! Chow said they would through a third party appraIsal, if not original paint that time again afterwards!

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