BMW technicians spend smart glasses really helpful or gimmick?

▲ North American BMW, Mini dealer technicians equipped with intelligent glasses that instantly finds the maintenance manual, and exchanges with the original staff, improve work efficiency. “工欲善其事必先利其器” in the vehicle electrical system Is complicated, and the next innovation, when the repair Will inevitably need to find a new Car maintenance manuals, to be correct construction for parts assembly, screw torque values.

Recently, the North American subsidiary of BMW and Mini dealers Will by TSARAVIsion smart glasses, shorten technicians rummage manual time, a substantial increase in maintenance efficiency vehicles.

BMW, Mini equipped TSARAVIsion smart glasses, so that its technicians can communicate with the original technical experts, and can dIsplay real-time service content. The original technical experts can also be transmitted by means of intelligent glasses to vehicle repair service technicians diagram, and let the technicians find manual by voice.

▲ TSARAVIsion smart glasses can also have immediate development of Chaxiu very helpful.

In addition to the glasses, dealers are also using the new TIS 2.0 technology information system, the system allows technicians browsing through mobile phones or other mobile devices of all BMW and Mini models of service information, stop the work at hand rather than to a particular computer, go to the query.

In addition, dealers are also imported TSARA online case reporting system, BMW believes that thIs system Is friendly and intuitive user interface Will help “the maintenance and upgrade work flow 70% to 75%. ” These new devices, new software are designed to improve productivity and reduce maintenance time, BMW of North America director of technical services Neal Guthrie then said, “more and more complex vehicle technology, the higher the demand for excellent technicians, and provide the best technical staff good tools and software for depot Is very important. ”

▲ “工欲善其事必先利其器”, have good tools to enhance maintenance efficiency.