BMW suddenly cracking police remove man-made glass still not admit sale

“inexplicable two front windshield cracks, but said that the sale of non-causing human factors, refusing to take responsibility.” Recently, Mr. Lu bought a BMW X1 happened a strange thing, good Car parked on the roadside, but the windshield cracks two inexplicable. In the retrieval of surveillance, police investigation, show cause for the non-human factors, but Car sales side of Qingdao Yan Bao Auto Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Qingdao Zhongda Yan Bao), but said it was caused by human factors, and refused to Be responsible for. For thIs, Qingdao Zhongda Yan Bao did not respond before press time.

in front of the roadside windshield but had cracks

2019 on April 30, Mr. Lu Yan Bao in Qingdao Zhongda ordered a BMW X1, and on May 15 to mention Cars. July 1, Mr. Lu things come back but found himself parked on the roadside Car front windshield cracks appeared in two 800mm.

At first, Mr. Lu thought it was caused by human factors, obtain a surveillance around, but no one monitoring dIsplay vandalIsm. Good Car glass was cracked, Mr Lu suspected quality problems, the requirements of Qingdao Yan Bao after-sales department responsible for their vehicles. But the sale has caused to human factors refused to be responsible for Mr. Lu Car. Lo then select the alarm, “police review found cracks in non-cracking, eliminate the human factor, also said the quality Is obvious, but the sale of Yan Bao Is refusing to take responsibility.”

Since then, Mr. Lu repeatedly to negotiate with the sale of Qingdao Yan Bao, but always to no avail. “According to BMW 4S shop quotes, glass 2709 yuan, glue sticks and damping block than 1100 yuan, 1,400 yuan time charge, for a front windshield needs more than 5200 yuan. I think that according to the Consumer Protection Law, the purchase of a vehicle for 6 months defects appear, borne by the operators about the flaws of the burden of proof. I hereby request that the burden of proof provided by the BMW. BMW as the glass Is still adhere to rupture by external force, such a fracturing method Is normal, please aspects BMW Issued a written DIsclaimer Please also provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle certificate of vehicle, test reports the main fitting member. “

of Qingdao yanbao unresponsive

The windshield crack photo provided Lo, Lo telecommunications network to see cracks prescribe the window, in a straight crack spread.

then Qingdao Yan Bao sale of judgment based on what Mr. Lu front windshield broken due to human factors? In thIs regard, the afternoon of August 22, contacted the telecommunications network in Qingdao Yan Po Delta Marketing Department, said a staff member has to reply to the owners, but Is resolved, the staff member said Is not clear, then the responsible person Will respond.

However, as of thIs writing, telecommunications network does not receive any reply.

recommended that owners entrust qualified agencies were identified

In thIs regard, Shandong BlackRock law firm lawyer Wang Lei He believes that if the owners encounter situations windows burst, may be the first camera alarm notification and after-sales, and retain the scene, the police ruled out the sunroof Is external damage or man-made, in order to provide evidence for future rights.

In addition, Wang lawyer said the owners and Car dealers can also advance sale consultation, the consultation fails as natural as possible whether burst through the Car manufacturer identification, if the natural burst, the manufacturer shall national three states free of charge for owners to replace the windows. If the owners have questions about the identification results of the manufacturer, but also, after the two sides agreed to be detected by a qualified third party, to protect their interests. “Through legal channels can also be sued for compensation for repair garage.”

telecommunications network-wide media Reporter Gu Qingqing