BMW spent 220,000 repair of replacement parts was “scrap parts”

would say that in November 2019, Zaozhuang Sun brother accident has occurred, hIs Car BMW 5X Car was severely damaged, was repaired spent two hundred and twenty thousand dollars, a Car restored as ever, but the brother was not satIsfied.

before and after the Spring Festival last year, Sun has put hIs brother in a hurry Car parked in the 4S shop maintenance BMW Car out, can be opened not long. Brother Sun found that although hIs BMW Car looks restored as ever, but many parts have problems large and small.

Is my headlights, headlight right side that Is old and does not shine? That was well, now five months, there Is no bright once. Door with an old, he has done it again paint. I was looking for the professional staff of the testing, he was knocked out of the old feeling, now admits 4S shop Is old. ThIs table Is a new complex. You see, there Is a trace, that’s when airbags burst, giving refurbIshed again, and if thIs would be no new road signs. They said at the time that the new parts are all used and spent 220 000, now use the old pieces.

Brother Sun, said the so-called old parts Is detachable from the other parts of the Car down the same section many people call it the scrap pieces, mostly from vehicle accidents scrapped vehicles, 4S shop repair station to replace the right side of the Sun brother right door Car headlights table Is one such scrap pieces, rather than new parts manufacturers . After the dIscovery of thIs situation, 4S shop maintenance stations beginning and did not recognize. Brother Sun several times until the feedback, the other admitted thIs fact on the phone.

spent 220 000 Maintenance BMW replacement parts was “scrap parts” Recording
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according to the maintenance contract, due to the maintenance costs nervous, 4S shop original pieces can be used and mixed deputy plant parts used to repair brother Sun BMW. But here the so-called original parts and deputy plant parts are referring new membersNot scrap pieces. On the phone, 4S shop repair station personnel admitted to using scrap parts, deputy plant parts due to the use of inappropriate. But Brother Sun or proposed, in that case Why not clear to inform him of it? Sun face of continuous questioning of Big Brother, the other chose silence.

Sun Is the big brother in a traffic accident in November 2019, vehicle accident Is generally what the insurance company Will choose the brand that corresponds to the 4S shop to repair. But after the accident, Brother Sun and BMW BMW 4S shop maintenance Is not sent, but sent to the local FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop. Insurance company staff explained that if Sun Brother BMW BMW 4S shop to repair with original parts, maintenance costs on the one hand more than the value of the vehicle itself, on the other hand more than the insurance coverage, it Is not possible to use the original BMW 4S shop plant parts repair.

follow Brother Sun, Reporters came to be able to repair thIs BMW sedan FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop, 4S shop of one person in charge of Li expressed Willingness to sit down and negotiate solutions to solve the problem.

face the camera. In the case of Li to replace old parts with new parts and did not shy away, but it seems Brother Sun, and thIs situation can not be qualitatively mIstakes, but a deception. Consumer Protection Law of U.S. stipulates that operators provide fraud of goods or services, not only to compensate for the losses of consumers, but also to increase compensation in accordance with the requirements of consumers, increase the amount of three original price of the goods or services times. So Brother Sun 4S shops should be made treble damages.

Brother Sun adhere to treble damages, but the 4S shop Manager Li said that the Issue on the basIs of replacement parts, the only appropriate compensation for fuel costs and travel expenses The two sides unable to reach unity on the Issue of compensation. Subsequently, the Reporter and Sun brother to understand the situation reflects the Authority to the local market, Market Authority staff said, the first time tomorrow to arrange FAW-Volkswagen 4S shop to investigate.

We also hope that thIs matter can be resolved as soon as possible under the supervIsion of market supervIsion department, to have a reasonable Brother Sun dIsposal options.