BMW serviced, the next two tire problem, the owner: I can not continue to drive up!

BMW Car to be repaired, the next two tire problem, the owner: I can not continue to drive up!

Now the community a lot of people own a Car, travel Is very convenient to go to work. Ding BMW Car, naked prices of more than 480,000, in December last year before the start of the recent dIscovery when driving tachograph broken, which should dIsplay the screen image has appeared in a black screen. Mr. Yu Shiding saw several repair Car repair shop, after contrast, chose a 4S store their favorite serviced.

came to the store, the staff in accordance with the procedures give the appearance of the vehicle check, no big problems, so you can rest assured that go tell Mr. Ding, Ding Mr. went back to do their own thing.

Ting said the staff marked up your Car on the checklIst, only a few minor paint scratches. Mr. Yu Shiding said hIs Car repaired in time, a look at the whole Car maintenance.

did not expect a few days, the store staff to call Ting, said hIs Car two tires have drum kits, the question arIses, Is the Car in front two wheels, particularly the larger right front wheel bulge. Mr. Ding Is very angry, hIs Car Is obviously good, it sent the beginning, staff inspection, they also did not find strange, but now the problem Is the responsibility of the 4S shop.

came to the repair shop, after-sales manager, explains that thIs Is completely negligent staff when checking in at the time, the staff forget to check the tires. Ding himself Carefully read BMW to past experience to judge, thIs Is a speed of at least 40 yards from the colliding body caused by the staff of the store did not own the Car tried, so it Will not be hIs own shop the reason.

after-sales manager also print out the surveillance video, confirmed hIs statement. Show print single time after the Car gets here Ding, sent by the elevator maintenance room, no one open. Moreover, after-sales manager also said that the day 18:30, the service technician to check out the Car’s tire problems, and feedback to the interior of the group.

but was considering the rest of the time customers do not want to bother, did not inform the customer, the next day to call to explain the situation. Hearing thIs, Mr. Ding anxious: ThIs Is not called dIsturb the rest, more than 6 points thIs time, thIs Is not a reason.

Ting told Reporters: hIs Car would have been good, the store Is on the maintenance of a problem, it Is the responsibility of the store. If more than 6:00 that night repair shop put thIs thing told himself that he would admit thIs thing, but after only inform day, then in the end Is where the problem Is, I doubt very much repair shop. The manager said hIs store after-sales technicians to work overtime, while the service sector 5:00 off work.

to replace two tires to 4000, Ting said the costs should be borne repair shop, or there Will not dare to continue to drive up! ThIs Car has not left the store on the problem.

after-sales and customer manager said they would negotiate, Ting said finally been reached and repair shops consIstent, and be to solve the problem.

say small series, repair shop in the maintenance of the vehicle, be sure to check the vehicle Carefully and found that the problem should promptly inform the owner, to avoid contradiction.