BMW roadster leak repair seven or eight times more than three years or leakage 4S shop: Cabriolet are leaking?

Every young person wants to have a convertible sports Car, but not really happy with the Car, Huzhou Mr. Shen recently because bought a convertible coupe, brought him a very large problems. He Is the BMW 420i Cabriolet 2105 buy, but more than three years has been leaking, repair seven or eight times does not solve the problem, it Is now mIssing. 4S shop said, convertibles are likely to leak, convertible to collapse, bad chance on the big point.

Mr. Shen said, he prefers convertible, open in summer close-up convertible cool ride, felt the BMW 420i Car can be, cost Is also high, so start with a Car. Mr. Shen of the BMW 420i Is a October 2015 in Huzhou BMW 4S shop to buy, then it spent 48 million. But the Car was open four months, Mr. Shen find convertibles start leaking. If the vibration speed a little faster or a little big, leaky range Will be much larger.

Mr. Shen was shoot a video, little rain, the water leaking in from the seal, rain bigger things, water dripping directly. Mr. Shen in front of Reporters to shed folded, pointed to a folded position, the situation Is more serious leaking, leaking each side. Starting from 2016, the convertible has been in maintenance, repair 2016 1, 2019 service five times, in 2019 and revIsed once, and now bad. Maintenance records point of view, every repair Is replacement of seals, trim and other accessories.

Mr. Shen said, has been more than three years in the repair, leak repair problems seven or eight times, has not been resolved, he wanted to know Car in the end what the problem Is, we hope 4S shop to give him a reasonable explanation. Reporter, accompanied by Mr. Shen came to the BMW 4S shop to understand the situation.

Chen 4S shop marketing, said Mr. Shen said the problem Is there, in July 2019, 4S shop specifically apply to have sent to the plant treatment, and then the next time Mr. Shen feedback in late 2019. Where each occurrence of leakage Is not the same, so the solution Is too much trouble. Cabriolet folding and often open situation, there Will be leakage, than other modelsThe proportion of leaks Will be much larger.

Car three packs of three years, Mr. Shen has been shed in the Car repair, extended warranty for a year previously, and now the problem he wants to be able to replace the 4S shop Carport. More than three years, the Car was really tortured enough. Mr. Shen BMW call customer service, sales and after-sales person said to have treatment 4S shop, 4S shop in order to ultimately provide a solution.

Chen said he Will actively reflect the demands of Mr. Shen to the manufacturers, the manufacturers make arrangements for maintenance technicians over, I hope to solve the problem of one-off , the latter extended warranty thing, he would apply to the manufacturers, the answer Is given within three days.