BMW repair cases – BMW X5 engine failure warning light

to share with you today Is a BMW repair Case: BMW X5 engine repair process fault alarm lamp.

brief, they are traveling on the road most of the BMW X5, Is the chassIs code E70 generation, since June 2008, the official lIsting of the United States in 2014 at the end of 10, code-named F15’s new market, a total of more than 6 years.


N52 engine equipped 30i.

35i N55 engine Is assembled.

N55 Is the engine assembly 40i (high power version).

48i N62 engine Is assembled.

50i assembly Is N63 engine

X5M assembly Is S63 engine (high power)

in the middle of the vehicle Is silver Cars we introduced today.

Today’s protagonIst Is a black 48i, these years in our BMW models BMW repaired, the Car’s fault phenomena in many BMW Car are met (that Is, the said a common problem).

intermediate little light yellow engine fault light (lamp failure engine emIssion).

thIs a bright light, some accompanied by the failure phenomenon (such as: accelerating weakness, hair motivation jitter), and some did not open up any phenomenon (only fault lights, driving I did not feel anything).

The figure Is a special diagnostic meaning BMW technician connected, the fault code retrieval.

Next figure continued: only affect the emIssion point of failure (example: catalytic failure, the failure of the oxygen sensor) to drive early failure Is no feeling.

However, if the ignition coil, or the calculated air flow rate meter Is damaged, only the police, Will definitely not accompanied by normal driving feeling occurs.

The fault code that has been read: DME stall meaning – cylinder 6

Diagnostic View the plateau value-cylinder operation, the cylinder 6 serious dIscrepancies found correct value.

know the meaning of a failure, the next step Is to accurately determine the point of failure (i.e. in the end member which damage) ThIs process requires rigorous, have not the slightest Carelessness, Car accessories light the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent claims, once the error, resulting in losses to the company did not say (CMX Mastery does not solve the problem free of charge) also delay the customer valuable time.

technical workshop to check the spark plug 6-cylinder, spark plug everything Is normal (customer response just before the spark plug replacement of 10,000 kilometers), followed by CMX accessible technology personnel Car ignition coil cylinder 5 and 6 are interchanged cylinder, the cylinder Is not stable value has interchangeable cylinders 5 not normal, OK find fault (damage caused by 6-cylinder ignition coil.

If the ignition coil Is not the Issue, then we must check the injector, excluded one by one, but fortunately, it Is found in the second step problems.

Is thIs accessory (ignition coil), the replacement of a new solution to the problem.

BMW Cars have a lot of similar problems, in particular the assembly in N52 and N55 engine models .

failure Is accompanied by central dIsplay: transmIssion system fault alarm

any problems, ( people) maintenance ideas are important (thing) Is important diagnostic equipment, accessories, quality Is also very important CMX access commitments: diagnostic errors are determined not to charge, does not solve the problem Determined not to charge, all parts original authentic, fake a penalty ten. CMX Mastery Is a kind of a repair business.

CMX Mastery Willing to do your faithful and good partners keep a Car on the road, the Car failure, maintenance problems encountered in doubt, always call the hotline shop technician, I hope my suggestions can help you.