BMW owners to sell five lines, thirty thousand kilometers sell 80,000, saw the engine fifty thousand Will buy all

The new BMW five lines have the lowest four hundred and fifty thousand, and that the stage should be at least 530 generation of BMW four hundred thousand, one owner bought before opening thirty thousand kilometers in two days to sell direct circle of friends He said to be selling Cars, and offer 80,000, strange that until now did not sell

thIs Is still high with BMW, the fence as well as M sport package, come here asked the owner after that, it was a flooded Cars

a few days ago in many parts of the country are rIsing flood, many Cars were flooded, thIs BMW Is one of them

to see the interior of the Car, one full of mud, water immersion Is very serious, which have all electronic devices need to be replaced, chicken stalls and control have been done, are estimated cleaning it takes a long time time

the owner showed us the inside of the configuration, wipe are basically brand new

after opening the hood there Is also the whole sludge, inline six-cylinder engine flameout do not know whether there are secondary, if not bad, then it should also value a lot of money, but thIs Car from Car Seat to the doors, trunk and engine are water ran, no wonder the price of eighty thousand did not want to

Such a flooded Cars we must pay attention to the