BMW owners thought he was hoodwinked master, master saw the repair process came to understand the care and thought!

As we all know, Car maintenance repair shop there have been many, Automotive service industry, competition Is getting intense. These Auto maintenance and repair shop Will always be held in a certain period of some promotions to attract Car owners, such as what spring conservation action, to send cool summer, autumn Car inspection and so on. For such activities, we must dIstinguIsh what the owner Is required to own Car, which Is not required, it must not be fooled!

Of course, these activities has been able to attract a lot of owners, because some activities do very well indeed, can think of where the owner can not think of! Some time ago, a BMW Car owners participated in a similar activity, mainly on the wheels, tires and hub shaft head maintenance. The owner said he thought a flicker in hIs master Automotive, Auto repair process until he saw the master after curing, they would understand aftermarket master of Care and thought! In thIs article we look at the process to see if the owners have not been fooled! We can also look at some common sense Car conservation!

The first step Is to remove the Automotive master for four tires BMW, then pointing to the owners of a brake dIsc that has a lot of its head shaft rust and other impurities, combined with the intermediate wheel hub axle head parts of the high temperature, Is filled together with the rust and other impurities, the wheel head Is fixed to the shaft, which leads to difficult to remove the tire. Auto Repair Master said that the consequences of thIs, Xiao Bian understand from small series have encountered rescue call, tire screw owners demolIshed, but the tires not get down! Then thIs how to do it!

Figure I

aftermarket master introduced to the owners and the consequences when the wheel brakes rust, they begin to clean up the maintenance operation! Shown below, the master first Automotive brakes and the hub to the spindle head cleaning agent spraying!

Figure II

Subsequently, high pressure air gun blow Automotive master brake caliper, brake pads and the like. The reason for thIs Is that Auto repair master: brake pads and brake dIscs working environment Is bad, like dust debrIs Will be mixed between them, brake pad surface becomes smooth. When the owners of the brakes when the light between the brake pads and the brake dIsc Is easy to produce abnormal noIse.

Although thIs does not substantially affect braking performance, but also abnormal soundIt Is more annoying. In order to eliminate air gun abnormal sound, on the master Automotive containing cleaning agent and rinsing brakes calipers brakes!

Figure III

Master and Automotive brakes with sandpaper to rust and the hub axle head clean, thIs process unfortunately no pictures. Is shown in the figure after the Automotive wheel master cleared, the vehicle-specific rust preventive agent applied thermal head in the hub axle, which Is not only the role of rust, there Is a certain insulating effect!

FIG tetrakIs

FIG, the rust-proof Automotive insulation master agent has been applied! Automotive brake dIsc antirust agent on the master shown by the arrow again wipe! BMW owners after seeing such a situation, the aftermarket master repeatedly praIsed, he finally understand the Care and thought aftermarket master!

Figure V

BMW owners make more surprIses yet to come! Shown below, thIs master BMW Automotive four wheel rim and the tire are cleaned to particularly clean! Aftermarket master introduced, so that we can more clearly see whether there Is inside and outside the tire easy to overlook wounds, which can effectively eliminate many security rIsks!

Figure VI

spent a total of three aftermarket master more than an hour before thIs BMW wheels and tires clean, BMW owners for such an effect In particular satIsfaction! Also understand the Care and thought aftermarket master.

Finally, aftermarket master to us, to clean check on the vehicle hub axles and head of the tire Is necessary, because these are often the most easily overlooked part of the owners, but they are also particularly important that we ordinary Car owners usually keep a Car in the Car during inspection should pay more attention to thIs area, to ensure safety! I hope thIs can be helpful to the majority of owners, riders wIsh you a happy Car!