BMW mechanic read all want to buy a car, the BYD Qin pro fuel version

The latest plan to change, looks around, sees such a Car, the BYD Qin fuel PRO version, like our brand on such third-tier cities Is not a problem, so I’m not going to buy electric or hybrid Cars for us thIs working-class, less than 100,000 yuan Car barely able to afford, as a half-Car people, Qin PRO glance thought it was the appearance of a German Car, through understanding, the original BYD invited the former Audi designer, which makes BYD Qin PRO internationalization instantly become up.

The front face

no matter what Car to buy, nothing more than the value of Yen began, caught talent, BYD Qin PRO appeared, the perfect interpretation of thIs proverb. Looks from the side body lines more concIse, clean, steady trace domineering, roof line extending downwardly from a rear passenger, Is formed of a high waIst, designed simply to win more space for the rear passengers . Front lateral lattice so that the front face Is very atmospheric, it also has the original name, called dragon face (Longyan) instantly feel the majesty of the King of Qin unified country, through the rear taillights, beautiful, with a high recognition degree. 2718MM level with the longest wheelbase, provides a super large space.

power, the whole system 1.5T standard engine, the turbo pressure, variable timing, aluminum engine, direct injection perfect integration, the maximum power of 118KW, the maximum torque 245N.M, equipped with dual clutch transmIssion 6 speed wet, smooth shifting, passion power output for the user extraordinary driving pleasure. also by former Mercedes-Benz chassIs engineer Hans in charge of the chassIs team, Qin PRO chassIs, suspension, steering conducted in-depth optimization and tuning, at the same time taking into account the comfort, movement without compromIsing performance.

Summary: BYD Qin fuel version Is the first mid-size Car BYD BNA architecture, has become the preferred level of 90,000, HeadBefore the official guide price Is only 79 900 -11.59 million. The official Is also launched a promotional strategy: June 30 Car super price of 69 900 -10.99 million. DIscount Is very large, recently wanted to buy a Car friends can be considered.