BMW maintenance spend ten thousand, completing two kilometers out on fire, the repair station for the car to do what

Lead: BMW maintenance spend ten thousand, completing two kilometers out on fire, the repair station for the Car to do what

Car, like people, there Will always sick, sick once it would have to rule. So it Is necessary to ask, where to cure it? Professionals are recommended 4S shop, factory directly under the authorization, even if a problem can warranty. However, some owners choose to go to a garage, because people only professional repair may not rely on technology, or that in fact the same Car repair, in which the repair does not matter. Jun Car Is recommended, in order to enable the 4S shop can not find an excuse to free warranty, it Is best to go 4S shop, because once you are out of repair, and there are a variety of other reasons not warranty. And the owners of the following Is not the same, free warranty may be unexpected, because the Car has been burned.

the BMW 5 Series Sedan Is the owner of Mr. King, has opened more than 80,000 kilometers, and the Car caught fire getting out at the local repair shop 2 km, the Car just to finIsh it. When the fire owners run faster than that, so no one was injured. But the Car has been scrapped, burnt beyond recognition. The owners describe the Car out of the repair station suddenly found not to mention speed on an elevated, the body began to shake and then, after they found the hood in smoke, there Is fire appeared soon after, so he became like thIs now.

Car because the coolant Is low, so the battery power plant maintenance for repair. But the Car in the inspection process, but was told the Car had a lot of problems, the first Is there are many components have been aging, bad ignition coil, the valve cover of the room there Is a case of oil spills, the need to replace parts there are many. Owners think the other Is a professional, they agreed to replace, so the total cost of more than ten thousand dollars, the exchange has 15 members. The results drove out only 2 km on fire, then the owner suspected cause of the fire with the repair shop maintenance related.

maintenance depot Yang said thIs age of the Car because the Car Is relatively large, and when there are many internal inspection, maintenance found a coil We have been aging, but also the possible replacement of a number ofAccessories. So Why are there before the fire not to mention the speed, the case body shake? The other said thIs Is not a good conclusion, can only wait for the fire inspection report. So Repairer Car in the end what has been done? We do not know, just getting out of two kilometers on fire, but the owner Is a 8-year-old driver, and should not the owner operator error reasons.

and other fire service plant, said the report came out, if their responsibility, then certainly in the end of the bear. According to professional guess: change the valve chamber cover assembly, indicating that the Car Is the case of oil spills, oil spills Will inevitably lead to the accumulation of oil, then usually using a cleaning agent for cleaning, and cleaning agent itself Is flammable, if not handled improper likely to cause a fire, but the fire before the owners describe the body a jiggle, then easily it could be a problem with the ignition coil, causing a short circuit Is likely to spark ignited oil. However, the Car replaced when they repaired the ignition coil, so thIs thing in the end Is how, can only wait for the result of the fire.

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