BMW luxury cars plus finIshed oil directly lying nest, maintenance staff, said the reason the owners fire!

Introduction BMW luxury Cars, plus finIshed oil directly lying nest, maintenance staff, said the reason the owners fire!

buy a new Car, what Is the first thing we get our hands on that? Certainly go to the gas station ah, after all, Is not what 4S shop with a conscience place, under normal circumstances, there Is only enough fuel inside the Car Car ran twenty or thirty kilometers, as long as you can go to the gas station on the line if luxury Cars, then, 4S stores Will be “generous” a little, to add a little oil, but also high fuel consumption of luxury Cars, in fact, Is not run far. BMW luxury Cars plus finIshed oil directly lying nest, maintenance staff, said the reason the owners fire!

He spoke 4S shop stingy, while the gas station, the results after completion of the addition of oil, the owner of the BMW 740 has a direct lie nest, and then the owner Will suspect, the problem Is not the 4S shop, 4S shop Kengren not once or twice, and point out the problem Is also normal, so he inform 4S shop come to see Editor’s Note. 4S shop also stunned new Car out of the question, thIs time trouble, but after maintenance staff to check and found that the problem Is not the Car.

BMW 740 in the domestic price may not be lower, which Is the eight children of millions of luxury Cars, thIs Car Is a new Car, how Will lie nest, 4S shop to understand the situation, the Car lying nest after oil Is added, it Is certainly the first step Is to check the quality of oil, the result of the examination revealed a problem, maintenance staff directly empirically dIscovered, which Is mixed with oil in the water, No wonder the Car could not beat the fire, and after testing, the water content of gasoline inside as high as 40%.

for such a thing, gas stations, people must be able to escape responsibility, gasoline neat things in the country Is not in fact what new, but often occur in some small gas stations, because the gasoline itself when the tape library Will be part of the water, under normal circumstances, Is drawn into the depot from the tanker when the gasoline and water Will mix together, but the density of the two different, over a period of time Will be re-stratified, that time can be a normal refueled.

but the owner time to just the tanker had left, the owner arrived, the staff gave direct gas station Car refueled, certainlyThere Is a problem, for thIs matter, the gas station said he was Willing to take responsibility, responsible for the maintenance cost of thIs Car, but the owner can not be happy with hIs new Car, and it was broke, even if repaired, or to stay heart a thorn.

watered-down gasoline, for all of us off guard, we can do Is try not to some small local gas station to refuel, two barrels of oil Although we are always criticized, but after all, some security, or Car out of the question, that Is enough to allow owners to sad. What are your views on thIs matter? Comments are welcome.