BMW leaking more than 10,000 maintenance, beauty 4S owners that failure to report, 4S: well-intentioned

Lead: the Car Is an essential part of human life, the emergence of the Car greatly facilitate people’s daily travel, but routine maintenance costs Cars, are not low, especially some of the big brand Cars, 4S shop offers usually are high. Hangzhou, the beauty of a small store owners, in 2015, when to buy a BMW X1 SUV, recently sent to the 4S shop maintenance, but only to find the places where they should not repair the repair on.

Recently, small lights on the dashboard of the Car storage fault light, means reversing radar dIsplays the failure, the electronic device there has been a failure, has been unable to travel, small store had to call a tow truck, go 4S shop repair. 4S shop tested and found small reservoir of sheet metal Car out of shape, the bubble Is broken leaking template, requires maintenance costs than ten thousand pieces.

4S shop maintenance personnel told small reservoir, water from a right rear of the vehicle into the cracks of the leak, resulting in electrical failure. Found the reason Is a good thing, but the little store they found one of the strange, the original traces a circle of glue around the crack, apparently added later.

a small reservoir in retrospect, her Car in January of thIs year, was also sent to the 4S shop to repair, the cause of the accident Is small rear-end storage by others, need to replace the bumper, but parts of the collIsion Is left rear, right rear and no problems, and thIs glue location Is in the right rear, small storage glue Is suspected 4S shop maintenance in the last time fill up, but afterwards they did not tell myself.

4S shop initially strongly denied thIs, they did not recognize had repaired right rear, and when the small reservoir dIscovered the glue, it had recognition. Small storage believe that their Car might appear in the last accident in a rift, they were up the glue 4S shop, and thIs glue has not been mended, so the cause of the leak.

In order to verify the small reservoir to say, Reporters came to the 4S shop sales department, the status of the manager admitted glue It Is patched in the previous maintenance,And explain the collIsion occurred at that time, although the left rear, right rear but more electronic module, so for safety reasons, before making a double insurance plus a maintenance program, thIs move Is completely out of good intentions.

In addition, the status of the manager also believes that the glue Is not the cause of the failure, the main reason Is the right vehicle the rear has had a significant impact, which leads to glue where cracks appeared at the scene Reporters did see a BMW Car hit the right rear of the obvious signs, but the intensity of impact does not seem strong.

insIsts that small reservoirs fill plastic behavior of suspected 4S Is not the last deal was a result of such a result, maintenance costs are now up to 11,000 yuan so, she hopes to be able to bear part of the cost of 4S shops. 4S shop insIsted different views, but for the customer’s point of Care can be given appropriate concessions, but concessions to dIsclose the amount.

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Xiao Bian want to say Is:

purchased vehicles belonging to private goods, since on the store maintenance, 4S stores have custody and maintain responsibility for detailed vehicle maintenance records, the owner has the right to know, how can the owners Carrying, unauthorized repair it, a problem could not say, in the end it Is the meaning but mIsguided? Or deliberate? About thIs matter, how we think? Welcome messages dIscussed.