BMW hit retrograde delivery guy, the owner Is Willing to repair at their own expense, little brother but refused to apologize: I was vulnerable groups

article summary: delivery man retrograde hit by a BMW, the owner Is Willing to own expense and maintenance, small brother but refused to apologize: I was vulnerable groups

now with after the takeaway industry Is gradually picking up, to people’s lives a lot of convenience, but it Is undeniable that the attendant problems there are many. In order to facilitate the delivery guy shuttle in the streets, most electric Cars are driving room. every single time delivery of provIsions, in order to save time, many delivery man Will ignore traffic laws when riding . So many traffic accidents occur, so recently occurred together.

Recently, Shanxi to One takeaway brother, because the speed quickly, but also retrograde, and on a BMW Car collided. Fortunately, caused rub Is not very serious, but people were not injured. Because takeaway brother retrograde, so the traffic police Will be responsible for the negative full responsibility for the accident, but the owner did not intend thIs to let him repair. Owners can also appreciate the hard delivery man, she told police, no other compensation, they can repair their own expense.

traffic police look at the owners are so talked about, the proposed take-away little brother apologized to the owners of Road one, thank you people do not hold him accountable . But I never thought thIs takeaway little brother do not feel they have a fault, it Is refusing to apologize. Even the police can not see passed, and rebuked him not to ride the electric Car fell to the ground, and that Is vulnerable, always talk about truth of it. Retrograde come to the people hit by a Car, people still want their money to repair, to apologize also stubborn what?

Speaking later, the police no law, only “sCare” him, if not, then we should apologize to each other repair, and BMW Car repair how much money, let him call and ask. At thIs time, the only takeaway brother apologized, but said that Is called a reluctant. And so when he was riding the electric Car Will go, he actually dumped the sentence “I ride an electric Car, I Will always be vulnerable.”

Xiaobian something to say

not only the owner was very angry, after these things spread on the Internet, netizens for the take-brother attitude Is not agree. ThIs Is a typical “I’m weak I justified,” while ThIs Is the general psychology of electric vehicle owners, feel that they are “vulnerable groups.” , even if the violation results in an accident, that Is the fault of the private Car. For example, some on before, electric Cars running red lights knocked killed, but private owners need to take responsibility. Really, Xiao Bian feel thIs Is not enough to electric vehicle owners who emboldened yet? Traffic rules and what they are does not matter, something happens that Is the responsibility of the private Car.

Radio | you feel “vulnerable groups” used in thIs matter, the suit you?

Suitable, the electric Car Is indeed more vulnerable

Is inappropriate, illegal takeout previous brother

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