BMW has “a good show” | bewildering PDI (maintenance records)

first article send article,

to me, my Car circle of friends,

as well as local dealer after-sales staff,

had no small pressure .

someone called to tell me,

BMW Is a professional legal to deal these things,

we are faced with possible prosecution.

So, please forgive me,

ThIs article only show views of professionals ,

no longer names and photos on the network communication,

after all, everyone’s lives are dIsturbed, and

was not my original intention.

After a long wait,

I still do not reply manufacturers until 400,

we know that for the “domineering” BMW, the

forcing the Issue can only be resolved by reasonable evidence.

So from BMW 4S shop to come back,

We do two things:

First, the vehicle with the assIstance of professionals,

for a detailed examination,

in addition to paint and see the problem right rear door,

are there any other places in question;

the second Is to call up a variety of relationships PDI code,

that Is, we often say the Car maintenance records,

to see whether there Is maintenance of the scene.


formed in the left and right sides of contrasts

multiple “rough point” floating Car surface

after Careful examination of the vehicle to give the conclusion Is that the left and right sides of the vehicle, there Is a large difference in level of finIsh. Left front left rear part of the vehicle were not found in any “rough spot”, the level of technology belong to BMW standards we have imagined. While the right side, in addition to the right rear door event early dIscovery, the right front door, front cover and position the bumper have found a new “rough spot”, and in the sunlight, Careful to dIstinguIsh the left and right sides Will find paint a slight color difference.

sales staff again detected

multiple rough point field identified and forensic


paint flaws to put in there, so the factory Is part of the process Issue or not strict? Or later during transport were sprayed, we do not know. But things always move forward. After

August 21, after examination of the vehicle, I found other places there were several rough spot, and the local dealer for the communication. August 21, the dealer’s sales staff, with paint thickness measurement instruments, but also the vehicle a more detailed inspection.

The results paint sales staff again with the thickness detector detecting substantially confirmed the conclusions of the left and right significant gaps . The left rough finIsh did not find any point painting, 4S store authorized BMW testing instrument dIsplay, the values ​​are 97 or 98, almost no difference. The right front door to the right of the front cover and the difference has a huge, right front door selected five points in the 97 lowest value and the highest value Is around 195.

As happened later inspection after-sales staff know the identity of the author, so for the test results, no longer do any explanation, the gap between the value of what both sides described I repeatedly asked the official after-sales staff seems to belong to a reasonable range, after-sales staff without any explanation.

Subsequently, the author and Automotive professionals together again in when examination revealed the rough point, the burden of proof to the after-sales staff. Wherein a rough point right front door, can clearly see the projection of impurities in the paint, and can clearly see the point around rough manual polIshing marks. Other black spots, after-sales personnel are all validated, and by way of photos or video were recorded. BMW field sales staff, I found that not to the point of rough and other Issues, raIsed any questions.



showed that only two maintenance

screen replacement Is not covered in the maintenance records?

PDI, which Is what we often call maintenance records, from Car off the assembly line since all maintenance, in accordance with the requirements Will be reflected in it. A few years ago, many consumers learned that he buy a new Car, which has been repaired or replacement parts are also many clues had here.

The author of communication at the same time and BMW, have also been inquiries for PDI vehicle (maintenance records) through a friend. “ThIs Car’s maintenance record from the first start, there Is no problem, that Is, twice the maintenance record.” “From the point of view maintenance records, normal, no problem, that Is maintenance.”

to be sure, the author of the query maintenance records by BMW 4S store two different areas, the results are in addition to vehicle maintenance does not have any record.

query results, thIs allows the author completely at ease, but one thing come to mind, so I think thIs Is not the maintenance records Reality – June 2019, the author of the BMW dIsplay due to the emergence of black spots the renewal of the whole screen, Why the maintenance records, only two maintenance, and no screen change it? According to regulations, that Is, for a small part, are to be recorded in detail in PDI inside.

2019 I retained maintenance work orders, maintenance records if there are no records, then we have the right to challenge, Car paint repair the record, has not been recorded or are removed together. When asked Why such a big change screen repair Is not in maintenance records, the person with BMW 4S shop said, “If Vice plant parts, which Is not in the show.”

I requested a friend to take pictures passed PDI author, but have been turned down, friend, “said the advIser can not sell.”

August 21, the author of maintenance records can not find any replacement of the screen recording problem nowField to reflect the after-sales personnel to forensics, after-sales staff answer Is that thIs Is another Issue, without making a positive answer.

three days and then check the PDI

screen replacement record the magic appears


in order to take photos, I passed a friend, looking for a BMW 4S shop in another area of ​​maintenance records query. August 23, finally got the maintenance records of the photos, surprIsingly, screen to replace the record, actually appeared in the magic of maintenance records in


at 3:00 on August 23 afternoon, the third day of questioning from the author after finding out the screen maintenance records, finally received the official Jinan Youbao the reply, “you can use the rear frame 7 and then check.”

query again, the screen replacement record appeared.

a man and a brand of “war”

helpless, rights “Guardian” may have to choose give up;

helpless, too many worries around, let me physically and mentally exhausted;

frustration, but also from the current level of technology testing.

“paint problems in the modern technical level, nothing can be said to be a question. they do not say no problem, but has been more than a year, thIs would require a large amount of evidence. “faced with thIs question, I consulted the close professional friend, he told me the case.

“Now the technology Is so advanced, time to finIsh the formation of the total can be identified when to spray paint it, If it Is determined finIsh before I spray the Car, not on the note Is to repair the Car when the Car had to sell it? “I continue to find their own way.

” Brother, Is not yet able to determine the exact time of such. And third-party identification to spend a lot of effort and cost. We simply can not afford the estimated consumption. “Seen too many rights cases of Lei brother, better understand defenders hardships along the way.

BMW service staff also told the author of such, the problem Is seen, but how can you prove it’s not in use, Is caused by corrosion or other reasons? “corrosion or other causes, to the left side of the case? “ I would like to, but did not say it, because playing the mouth battle, but only energy costs.

frustration, but also from around too much concern. incident has now been almost 20 days, the author of the question BMW’s were vIsited by a variety of relationships around, but they work or in the Car circle or BMW’s system, private real exchange, I can not fully show in the article, as Jinan authorized 4S shop sales staff told the author of four doors inconsIstent things, I also did not dig deep for recording and things, because it Is likely to make a job more than 20 years, there are small there old people, faced with the rIsk of unemployment.

“everyone in a circle, but not down, look up and see. “” Do not write ah our private conversations, I Will lose the job. “Many first article Willing to show positive insiders view, after thIs, Is also facing a lot of emotional stress, these are not the author want to see.

[123 vehicle] However, BMW, you Will transport process, scraping off, after grinding to sell new Cars when you say no? original door transport break something, you change the whole door, artificial the factory sent a “white gate” (in addition to the vehicle, the factory sent the doors are not sprayed paint the door, the dealers themselves need to spray), spray paint put on their own, when new Car sales?

Is a truthWhat, we do not lack energy share of perseverance to bargain-hunting. If you do not want to get stuck, make life chaotic, give up, perhaps the most economical way rights and practical method. I generally would so choose, but such an approach, but difficult to say I do not want that tell our readers.

but unfortunately, at thIs time a practitioner decade of Automotive media, people’s voices. However, we still believe that the Issues do not pay attention to brand value and super-confident arrogance of the owners, even if there Is another hIstory, another luxury brand, there Is no fear of the market and consumers are bound to sink to the bottom of the lake. so Land Rover, BMW Will not necessarily be spared.