BMW GT535 hand brake failure, by checking the damaged parts so that owners by surprIse

handbrake, as the name suggests Is a brake, an auxiliary brake known professional name.

When the Car stalled or temporarily stop Is usually faithful Car hand brake to prevent the Car sliding slope, prevent unnecessary trouble. Today our factory to a BMW GT535, the owner suddenly description says the hand brake failure, if not timely detection of almost trouble.

exactly how we are going with a look!

The figure Is a top lift the handbrake has been broken up BMW GT535, the Cars, sports Cars the advantages of centralized wagon, there are strong practical than the sedan, advanced engine technology, with the 8-speed gearbox, the combination of good power and fuel economy can be described as the same models in the crowd.

Car handbrake handbrake electronic, electronic parking brake hand brake switch control module replaces the conventional mechanical handbrake. After a preliminary inspection and maintenance of the master, found the opening and closing electronic handbrake, handbrake modules are at work, you can hear the sound of the motor rotation. After prIson with the hand brake on the left wheel Is completely locked, the right hand brake fails completely. To further determine the cause of the hand brake failure, the master remove the tires and brakes, brake wheel cylinder double-check the handbrake.

maintenance of the master brake dIsc has been removed.

Brake cylinder has split down.

can be clearly seen from the figure, the shaft head and hand brake brakes have clearly exposed in outside.

When all attachments are split down, maintenance master one saw problemsin. Yes it Is the handbrake cable rupture die-casting of the eye joint has completely dIsappeared, although the handbrake module Will work, because the hand brake line rupture, causing the handbrake brake pads on the right tensioner mechanIsm has completely lost pressure, causing the hand brake failure. The owners see thIs and so I felt very surprIsed, so thick wire can break …… In actual fact, can not be said to be broken, the master analysts say could be the eye-casting the end of the rope joints are subjected to thousands of pull, most likely to withstand the pressure of the hand brake motor module to fall off, such phenomenon was caused.

The figure Is a left rear wheel normal handbrake cable, casting of the eye joint Is on FIG circled look.

Since the handbrake cable breaks, the entire module must be split down the handbrake maintenance. Before Xiao Bian also wrote articles again Maserati handbrake module damaged the Car’s handbrake handbrake module module with 比玛莎拉蒂 demolition lot better, a lot of space. Many faithful Car handbrake line must think it shows off the handbrake module Will follow scrapped together. In fact, from an economic point of view to consider, in determining the module Is not damaged, the handbrake line can be individually replaced, but slightly more expensive. Even then it has to be cheaper than handbrake module. So after and the owners decided to replace only the handbrake communication line.