BMW five lines too stressed, thIs grade imported cars more, the whole car Is no installation configuration

to select a suitable C-Class, prices generally have more than five hundred thousand, the most well-known luxury brand Is Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz E-Class prices are generally high, and very decorative option and more luxurious interior indeed to force, but the low-power version of the power has been lacking; BMW five new department really good, the price Is very strong, body interior appearance are also special personality, basically young people Will be like, but the entry-level optional; Audi A6L cheap, with the level of the BMW 530Li can buy six-cylinder 3.0T Audi A6, but young people are generally do not like thIs commercial vehicle.

BMW five fasten with the good, but the tone Is too high, the same level there are other second-tier luxury brand, not only cheap, power Is also very good, Cadillac CT6, the Volvo S90 Is very Yes, of course, thIs higher grade imported Cars – Lexus GS300 F SPORT, naked prices of about 490,000, it Is important not to install the entire vehicle configuration, unlike Mercedes-Benz BMW so deceptive.

Lexus GS300F SPORT body length of 4880mm, the appearance of high-performance package blessing, 18-inch wheels sport somewhat color value. Vehicle design are more hardcore, five lines of the design and the new Department of a fight on behalf of all sporty C-Class.

Lexus interiors reputation has been good, although the overall structure Is not advanced, but very delicate work, sitting in the Car alone deep experience.

have mentioned before, the Car did not install any equipment, the hardware itself has been very satIsfied with the people, the whole Car seven airbags, standard tire pressure monitoring, active brake , lane departure warning system, as well as adaptive cruIse, keyless entry and push start.

seats are leather material, with a seat memory function, front standard heating and ventilation, comfort Benz E than the absolute difference.

The Lexus GS entire department only two models, namely performance version and the regular version, it means less and less models available options, the internal configuration of the Car directly It Is the standard, BenChi BMW’s sales after the installation routine Is to achieve a higher price direct model options, naked want to mention Car prices basically impossible.

Lexus GS300 position of armrest design Is very elegant, matching the 8-speed manual gearbox, shift speed at the same level can be considered a moderate level.

console material Is leather wrapped material really good, but the 8-inch piece embedded in the control panel very general, no-one LCD Benz luxury nor BMW 10.3 inches in the control panel of high-end, feature only Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation, but added that there Is not a small difference.

Car dashboard LCD Is not full, but thIs Lexus dashboard design belongs to the partial mechanical type, the old Car architecture Is a classic, from a sense of the picture, basically no difference with the one-piece.

Comparative general Car rear seat, still make a space, in particular the intermediate transmIssion shaft protrusion can recline the seat, a middle armrest and a cup holder.

The GS300 Is equipped with 2.0T four-cylinder engine, maximum 245 horsepower, 100 kilometers acceleration performance Is 7.3 seconds, from the Mercedes-Benz with BMW price to count, several Cars have their own merits, BMW five wins in the Department of interior and technological sense, the Lexus GS wins in Taiwan Is imported Cars.