BMW engine was repaired car owners decIsive retreat, 4S shop: You opened the 15km, depreciation 30000

With the development of the times, people gradually wallet drum up, the first thing that Will definitely have to improve their own living family, for example to buy a house, buy a Car and so on. Now, no matter what to buy are installments, it Is to reduce the economic pressure. Although the staging of more money down the total may be much higher than the original price, but then paid the down payment you can start using thIs object, so in general in fact no loss. OtherwIse, how many people are Willing to stage it? We must know the principles of which are unlikely to be a fool. But whether to buy a Car had spotted, not only, Is found to be defective, Is immune to time want to change.

Mr. Zhang wanted to buy a luxury Car, but the money just more than 50 million, after repeated screening, the final choice Is beyond surprIsingly, chose a second-hand BMW. To tell the truth may be a little ignorant small series, more than 50 million to buy a used Car? But the owners Is so dry, I bought a used BMW X6 SUV. The thought that thIs Car Is certainly no problem, the result put back on the same day found the Car in question, found in a used-Car software Car’s engine repaired. The owner was not done, I was looking for was a quasi-new Car, the engine Will have taken that also what Is called quasi-new Car? Considered 4S shop deceive themselves, and immediately find the 4S shop requires retirement vehicles.

For that matter, 4S shop not sure, they can not repair the engine had no idea, but Why 4S shop records but not on thIs one yet? Then we would not know, yet thIs requirement for retirement vehicles, before they actually have provIsions, there are problems returned unconditionally within seven days. Apparently met the requirements, but the 4S shop was the fool, requiring the owner to go in accordance with the process, the results have to pay 30,000 dollars to the owners of impairment charges. The owner was very puzzled, how would I opened the 15km sacrificed 30,000 dollars? ThIs Is obviously deceptive, big opening, bully people ah. For 30,000 dollars that thIs impairment Is based on what button do? Leader began fool, what you say I did not understand the process to retire the Car and left.

the owner was on fire, and got the media to help direct, first consultedlawyer. Counsel indicates that the impairment charge Is completely empty talk, there Is no basIs, since there are 7 days unconditional replacement contract, and that should be honored. The final 4S shop in the media and lawyers oppression, chose to compromIse, they agreed to back the Car requirements.

encountered such outrageous businesses, the media help to find a good way. If it Is in the media, not so fast so satIsfactorily resolved. But on the other hand, maybe a back court can lose three, it also just might, after all, a compensable back three Is not so simple, there’s too much inside. For that matter, I do not know how you look?