BMW carplay full screen settings, BMW brush carplay full-screen tutorial

I believe that many BMW owners have tried Carplay function, but the only drawback Is not full screen, today to talk about those things Carplay BMW brush full screen.

dIsposed BMW Carplay Fit Is not possible, may be dIsplayed full-screen program through the brush, Is achieved by modifying the parameters to enter the kernel. To be clear, the media version of the above MB006-016 versions can open a full-screen Carplay, you do not need to brush or upgrade, MB006-016 version of the following Is to be programmed before they can open Carplay upgrade version. View media version: Go to Settings → Software Update → idrive dIsplay the current version.

on the cost of the BMW brush Carplay full-screen, it has just launched need about 2,000 yuan, and now need to be able to brush a few hundred, but to the best qualified fullscreen brush manufacturers, so that to some extent avoid trip computer “dead ed.”

malpractice after BMW brush Carplay full screen Is in use Carlplay can not function under split-screen, and lose some convenience, thIs depends on the personal choice of