BMW car to the 4S shop maintenance, tires appear the next day drum kit, 4S shop: do have a package

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I want to buy a Car when the Car Will generally go to 4s shops to buy a Car, because it has a good pre-sales and after-sales service system, if the Car Is what’s driving the process in question , we Will first reported a general insurance, then drove to 4s shop for repair, which Is a normal process, but sometimes the details do not work properly coordinated, in 4s and customers are prone to a number of contradictions.

to buy before

Ding a BMW five series sedan, was to buy time to hide the prices are more than 480,000, thIs Is not some time before the Car driving record instrument Is broken, when reversing the image has a black screen, Mr. Yu Shiding to take the Car to BMW 4s shop for repair.

4s shop staff of the Car were examined, according to Ting single marker preflight view provided that the Car has several single preflight small paint scratches, Ding requirements in addition to maintenance, but also to Carry out a routine Car maintenance, on-site communication after Ding left the Car 4s shop.

The next day Mr. Ding received a Car 4s shop phone, said the Car front wheel appeared drum kits, Ting said he It sent when the Car Is good, there Is no pre-screening questions, he believes the Car Is front-wheel occur drum kits responsibility 4s shop, so he took thIs Issue to the attention of the media.

Mr Zhu BMW 4s shop service department, said the time had pre-screening, no further maintenance staff and for Cars confirmation, according to him so many years of experience, the tires must be subjected to an external impact, the speed Is certainly not less than 40 step, so it Will cause thIs bulge.

4s shop after they received the Car and did not test, then the tire Is unlikely to strike inside the Car shop, Mr Zhu also print the time of the surveillance video, then he took the Car from the time Mr. Ding, put the Car transported by elevator to the maintenance department, technician forWhen the Car checked and found Car tires in question, so he wrote about the problem on the inspection report.

at that time on the subject, their own internal employees to communicate, but was already 18:00 o’clock, the staff take into account may be interrupting the customer, there Is no information in time to put Mr. Ding.

Ting think they sent when the Car Is no problem, the results put the Car in the Car 4s shop one day there Is a problem, thIs Is definitely the Car responsibility 4s shop, two wheels are now to 4000 dollars, Mr. Ding unWilling to bear the maintenance costs of thIs part.

Mr Zhu maintenance department were refuted, Mr Zhu said that due to negligence of staff with no further confirmation Ding case of the Car, and the ding The Car ruined situation Is entirely different, the Car already has a drum kit.

Mr. Ding has been refuted: If the day 18:00 more than the case of Car tires have drum kits feedback to him, then the Car problem he was knew of but Why not put 4s shop information and timely feedback to him. Mr Zhu expressed was already 18:00 o’clock, the technician Is required to work overtime, after-sales service staff Is off duty, so there Is no timely feedback.

Mr Zhu tire costs can represent a dIscount, specific questions can dIscuss in private, Ting said to put thIs situation to the public, Mr Zhu expressed publicly thIs look Ding own Will, and now the two sides have negotiated better.

In fact, from the perspective of small series, 4s shop problem Is not big, but in the pre-screening of the time, did not check the condition of the vehicles to complete, after the technician to conduct a comprehensive examination, I found the Car there Is a problem, the results Ting think the problem Is caused by the shop 4s, 4s shop Fortunately, with live video, they did not do anything hands on the Car The two sides finally reach consensus, but also a good result. When you do not know the readers of the Car in for repairWaiting, some of the communication problems whether it Will happen.

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