BMW car repair shop on the 4s, I did not expect chassIs number has become false, in the end what went wrong

Is now a wide variety of private Cars has become our daily life The main means of transport, but also have to admit that private Cars become more and more popular, but there comes a lot of problem. For many owners, after the vehicle Is out of the question, the first one they think of 4s shop, and 4s shops as a service center, they really can give a good vehicle owners to provide services.

but recently took place in Taiyuan, such a thing, Mr. Lee recently bought a BMW Car, after buying a Car because the half-way there have been an accident, so Lee took hIs BMW Car on the 4s shop maintenance. After the repair Is completed, Mr. Lee also own Car back home, but because the cause of the accident had, so Mr. Lee once again want to buy a Car, so Lee wanted to sell thIs Car.

but did not expect, when thIs Car pulled Lee relevant departments for the record, he was told that the relevant officers of the Car chassIs number Is fake. We know after Lee’s Car out of the question, whether it Is clean or repair shop to do all the 4s, but that he did not expect a turn around the chassIs number has become false. After thIs thing out, Mr. Lee Is also the first time the Issue Will be reflected to the person in charge of 4s shop.

after the person in charge understand the relevant circumstances, Mr. Lee Will also represent a satIsfactory answer, but after a long time, 4s shop Is not always the initiative to contact Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee then launched a help to us. And we later learned, the responsible person Is represented deal with it there Is a certain difficulty, because it was now responsible for the maintenance staff had left, other specific details need love too people travel back to negotiate. After

after a period of time, we also saw one other person in charge, thIs Is a responsible person, out of thIs thing and they the management there Is a certain relationship. But in the final analysIs, Is what went wrong in the end it? To address thIs Issue, the responsible person should also be represented in the process of oversight staff was a result of thIsCircumstances arIse, which also represents the name of the person in charge Will give Lee the information changes, and to pay financial compensation.

In thIs regard, you have any kind of view it? Comments welcome below the comment section!

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