BMW car rear-end, when the dIsmembered open repair shop, the owner said: ThIs 500,000 well spent!

For many people, BBA Is considered a luxury Car, and many of my friends for such a statement would buy BBA, called afford not afford to repair. Some BBA price Is not expensive, but even if there Is money to buy a BBA, I believe many people do not necessarily dare to put a BBA buy a home. Indeed, many people like BBA, when buying a Car really believe a lot of people thinking Carefully through the post or Will choose to give up, after all, for some ordinary families, BBA can only be a burden, mainly because of the late and maintenance maintenance costs quite expensive.

BBA Because of the high maintenance and repair costs, which also shows the BBA luxury Cars considerably higher than zero integer, a Car parts if demolIshed separate buy, then you can bought a few vehicles. There are a lot of people laugh BBA buy a luxury Car, then put the parts apart to sell them, and then sell the parts money can buy a few new Car. Although thIs argument has ridicule ingredients, but also makes sense, for example, like some of the Lamborghini superCar, a little bump on the maintenance of hundreds of thousands.

In the National Day of the past few days, small Auto repair shop opened in a friend Is experiencing a BMW five repair system, Is the cause of things in thIs way, the five Department of the BMW rear-end accidents because of someone else’s Car to crashed and bumper BMW five lines have also been damaged, the need for a headlight group, we see the scene when the repairman Remove the front bumper to the time, BMW has five lines of the bumper where the collIsion deformation, but did not crack, the rest Is in good condition, it can be said without any damage to the Car when the owner said: it spent 500,000 value! It still continues to buy a BMW. ThIs time I finally understand Why so many people still want to buy an expensive BMW up?

apart bumper BMW five lines, five lines after seeing the BMW parts as well as internal work, people have to admire the manufacturing process of German Cars materials and workmanship, than some joint-venture brands of Cars much thick, although BMW five lines to sell expensive but it Is the conscience of the price, after all, its cost Is also very high. As the lights BMW crashed five lines need to be replaced, the repairman said that BMW Will set a headlight thousands of dollars, and broken lights can not be used,But still open to re-sell some money, some of the interior lights in the lingua franca of precIsion parts can sometimes repair, some parts more expensive and hard to get the goods, which Is Why so many people struggle the reason to buy scrap the parts after the rush.

BMW five lines belonging to the C-level luxury Car, the price Is also among 400,000 to 600,000, the price barely considered the luxury Car team. Although there are many people who do not know Cars feel the same configuration performance, the BMW five lines Why buy expensive? The other joint venture brands very cheap, I think thIs Is the gap between the value of the brand and details, BMW can be recognized by so many people, it must have a very outstanding place.