BMW car accident repairs spent 170 000, 4s shop not to mention cars, insurance companies: pay only 110,000

Fan drive a BMW 5 Series sedan, paragraph 08. In October, when the Hangzhou high-speed Car accident, repairs took more than 170,000. Insurance companies believe that prices worth only 110,000 before the Car was hit, only Willing to pay up to 110,000. How specific it Is, we go and look down

Mr. Fan has a BMW 5 Series sedan, has been open for 10 years, in Two months ago a Car accident hIs BMW Car hit badly, from the picture we can see right in front of the Car and knocked very serious, full responsibility for the party’s driver Is insured TPI, Fan said, the Car repaired after the insurance company Is only Willing to pay residual value prior to the impact, 110 000

at present, the Fan of the BMW Car has been repaired, stopped in parking Lake, Zhejiang’s a BMW 4s shop. The total amount of the fixed-loss of TPI indicate the damage Is 178,600 dollars. Fan said that since the other party has to assess the damage, it should be based on the price set loss to compensate repair. The Pacific wealth management business department of Hangzhou Yujing Li said, they look at the extent of damage to the Car, then look out 4s shop reported a total of how much material, after we go check the price, if 4s reported that the price of more than the Car itself

hands 4s shops have a single insurance company to assess the damage the actual price, then they certainly Will not be repaired, but the insurance company said it did not agree on constant loss of price maintenance, repair when the Car became a key Issue. After the shop to 4s, 4s shop official said the insurance company agreed to repair the damage they did to repair the price, but the insurance companies who say they never even been agreed. And Mr. Fan said that insurers themselves in the middle and BMW 4s shop in a dilemma, because he did not agree 4s shop to mention the Car, the insurance company does not agree to pay for the repair money, do not know who to turn to reason things out.

The last chapter vice president of TPI’s operational headquarters in Hangzhou, came forward to respond to the Fan of thIs matter, chapter vice president said he would and 4s shops communicate, try to ensure that the interests of customers from losses.

See here Xiao Bian think thIs 4s shops and insurance companies would be too Kengren, in the absence of good communication situation, put the Car repaired for others, but it Is difficult last owners. Although thIs matter wave two fold but Fortunately, the last one can be responsible for Fan things. For that matter, how you treat it? Welcome to below the comments area message exchange with each other