BMW car accident repair costs 170,000, the insurance company Is only Willing to pay 110 000: value so much

insurance Is now more and more, a lot of people to be safe, in addition to life insurance, also Will give their Car insurance, after all, the Car cut rub a bit, maintenance costs are also quite high, but the insurance really work?

Recent Fan BMW had an accident, get the 4S shop to repair, the total cost of a total of 170,000 repair bill when Mr. Fan Will give peace Insurance when he was told not to Fan compensation, because the Car was not worth 110,000.

At that time Mr. Fan bought insurance for the vehicle, Pacific companies have done the damage, to the amount Is 178,600 yuan, since the damage, Why the insurance companies do not want it claims?

insurance company staff said, take the vehicle 4S shop maintenance, back to the insurance company in the pre-service valuation, within the scope of the claims, the insurance company Will compensate for sure, but now the problem Is that maintenance costs have exceeded the total value of the vehicle, so the insurance companies do not want to claim.

Fan BMW Car was purchased in 2008, the current market value of only 110,000, the insurance company on the proposal Fan scrapped, then claims 110,000, but Mr. Fan insIsted repair , so the insurance company commIssioned a third party to assess the damage after the Issue price, insurance companies made it clear that the vehicle Is now not worth 170,000 yuan, and refused maintenance costs. The 4S shop in the case of the insurance company did not agree, they advance to help Fan repair the Car.

When walked into the 4S shop, before the staff responsible for the Fan declined to be interviewed, out of an interview with a manager, the manager said, “We are after it has been recognized by the maintenance of the vehicle. ”

However, in confirmation of insured losses, including party (insurance company), party (the insured), Party C (repair shop), Ding Fang (adjuster people), which does not have any four columns and a signature stamp, 4S shop without any stated has not been recognized under the insurance company Will attempt to repair the vehicle.

Is tooPing believes that, 4S shop Is like to win thIs big lIst, vehicle maintenance decIsion without authorization.

Each side Fan do not know what to do, after a few times of communication, vice president of TPI came forward to say, the latter Will communicate and 4S shop, As to how the compensation Will be determined after there are responses, Mr. Fan to the customer a satIsfactory answer.

to see where we should also understand that the whole thing Is the 4S shop in the case of unauthorized vehicle maintenance Fan, expenses it exceeded the total value of the Car, the insurance companies do not want payment also makes sense.

Xiao Bian believes that now almost everyone has a Car insurance, but some details of the insurance and the manner of treatment, many owners may not know, so it Is in the claim before or maintenance, and insurance companies must communicate clearly, to avoid their own interests suffer.

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