BMW automatic transmIssion repair failure, the car has “da da” sound different, actual transmIssion repair

model: BMW 5 Luxury 530LI 2013

Engine Type: N52B30 3.0L dIsplacement of

Cylinder Engine : 6-cylinder

transmIssion type: AT 8 speed 8HP45

drive type: rear-drive

mileage: 100590KM ​​

fault phenomenon: the Car has “da da” sound.

First, the failure analysIs

l vehicle, found at the junction of the engine and the transmIssion reason Is louder Since the front end of the gearbox has several plastic Pusey, sound may be determined Pusey Mifengbuyan gum, fixed bias torque converter.

Second, the maintenance program

Modified replace the flywheel, the transmIssion block on the Pusey gum. Due to the replacement cost of a large flywheel, customer communication only after plastic Pusey sealed.

Third, dIsassembly

The transmIssion removed from the Car

Fourth, gum Pusey for sealant sealing treatment

Fifth, the Car testing

after road test, the driver in the Car noIse Is resolved, however, after the technician lifts rIsing Car, or some sound. We recommend owners to replace the flywheel, but the owners and communication, not to replace the flywheel, agreed PDI