BMW and Audi gap in the end how much? Opening a repair old master, the owner Will regret buying the wrong

BMW and Audi gap in the end how much? Opening a repair old master, the owner Will regret buying the wrong

Hello everybody, here Is the cross-country circles, very pleased to once again share with you to do that today exchange with you about Cars relevant knowledge, in fact, talking about the Car, there Is nothing strange, because now you can have a hand, so we do not Care about someone’s Car, and Care more about Is someone to open what brand of Car, so we can see Car brands, perhaps it Is a status symbol! On behalf of a person or economic strength Is right. In fact, many Car brands, BMW, Audi and it belongs to a class of high-end Cars, then two in the end what Is the gap? A look at it!

Speaking of BMW and Audi, we have to think of their brand home country, in fact, belong to Germany, but in Germany, it seems that both have some dIstinction, that differ in weight, Is generally blue-collar open Audi, BMW Is the white-collar open, Mercedes boss Is open. Rare hIstorical development of their origin had already decided on their position in the German market one by one so that Audi BMW! BMW Mercedes-Benz! Maybe in Germany Is the case, but in the end Is how to do after entering the United States? Together to understand.

First of all, we say that the next Audi, Audi Is part of the public system, into the United States relatively early time, but we seem to walk down the street, to compare Audi common, first price, the Audi high and low, so many people can buy gas, and generally are successful businessmen prefer, but thIs type of businessmen are generally more low-key, do not like showing off that species.

At the same time Audi in the United States have long included in the scope of government vehicles, usually a relatively high level officials are equipped with the Audi Car, so that in our country, a little bit of Audi Cars Is the power of symbolic meaning, if you do not have power, not long ago opened Audi.

again, we look at BMW, BMW, the US Is beginning to enter the high-end models into the United States, so many people have been ingrained, BMW Is a symbol of luxury Cars, many years ago ,BMWThe price of the Car Is very expensive, although with the development of the market, fierce competition between Car prices, lead to now there have been more than 20 BMW Cars, BMW fact, thIs type of configuration Is not very good, generally equipped with engines no more than 1.4t it can be said to be inside the BMW low-cost configuration.

but the Americans a good face, whether it be low with or how, as long as the standard of a BMW, open up all feel the spine straighter ,Why? Look good, ah, people to see, Wow, turned out to be a luxury Car ah, in fact, not as good as the price of an ordinary Audi. So a lot of the public think that BMW Is the outbreak of the rich to open the Car, Audi Is successful and the officials to open the Car.

So for a lot of people want to know, Audi and BMW? In the end Who Is better?

In fact, thIs analysIs come from the configuration of the above Is from everyone’s awareness up analysIs, in fact, BMW’s position not as Audi, BMW because of the feeling of belonging for everyone “frivolous,” “high profile” people open the Car. Because like publicity.

1, if the price, now Audi and BMW from some configuration point of view, each with high and low, some high configuration Audi, BMW expensive than too much, but on the whole, the Audi Car price Is still slightly lower than the BMW.

2, science and technology Audi Is strong, and the full range of science and technology, the general look and feel you can not see, once you got inside I do not feel the same, it Naao Di Quattro, a four-wheel drive small gecko, acceleration really Is not covered, cab configurations, with not too much to describe the rich, understated luxury.

3, BMW give you a sense of the dIstance still to be further away, everyone Is struggling goal, BMW driving pleasure so cool, because of who Is commonly known artifact I do not know you have not heard, rather sit BMW inside cry, laugh do not sit on top of a bicycle, so BMW temptation for all of us Is still very large.

Finally, we Will look at repairRepair the old master Is how to say?

1, Power: BMW and Audi have their own advantages, but the parameters of the engine, BMW some respects not as good as Audi, Audi Is, after all, pay attention to scientific and technological sense; it can be said that speed as fast. On some models the maximum horsepower, BMW might as Audi.

2, a sense of control: it Is said that hand steering wheel, steering and BMW the same sensitive, accurate, adequate back positive efforts, but feel a little lighter than the BMW.

3, fuel consumption: ThIs Is very obvious, running the same speed, the same number of kilometers, took 10 km, the BMW’s fuel consumption Is much higher than the Audi, not Oh, less than 2 liters of oil.

Based on the above, I personally sense from a cost and operating above or bias Audi, and some owners, after lIstening, regret to buy early, buy the wrong. I do not know how you look?