BMW and Audi gap in the end how much? Maintenance of old master tell the truth, regret to know

gap between BMW and Audi in the end how much? LIsten to repair the old master, said it did not regret knew

In today’s Automotive market, in fact, Cars still occupy a very large market share, for most people, buying a Car nothing more than a means of transport, therefore, a lot of people in the Car, mainly biased in favor of durable, affordable models. For a small number of high-end business people, when buying a Car, definitely biased in favor of the luxury Car market, because for them it Is a symbol of the identity of a Car. Today, small series and we talk about the luxury Car market, BMW and Audi.

As we all know, the domestic luxury Car market, has always been a combination of BBA camp, although all three brands belong to the luxury Car camp, but the gap between them was Not small. Two days ago, a friend had asked, BMW and Audi gap in the end how much? LIsten to repair the old master said, regret not knew.

BMW’s first talk about it, the brand into the US market earlier, so in the minds of people, there Is also a preconceived advantages, many of my friends main features of these fancy BMW. For example, the blue and white logo, giving a very clean, clear feeling. Then there are very friendly price in recent years, twenty tens of thousands of the price of the BMW further occupation of the domestic market. However, you pay for, BMW’s version Will certainly be on the basIs of configuration and advanced version of a large portion of the difference, for example, are based on the basic version of the engine 1.4T, it can only be regarded as adequate. When

look at Audi, originally came to the US market, are generally used as the official Car since, that Is, he often said the official Car, so, for a long time, Audi Is the authority on behalf of models. In addition to these, in the engine, Audi and BMW Is very different, for example, though they are 2.0T engine, the acceleration time Is similar, but the horsepower Audi BMW to be higher than a length. Moreover, in terms of fuel consumption, Audi than the BMW superior.

Although the dynamic performance of the BMW behind some, however, the gearbox, the BMW performance and more dominant. Therefore, the two brands have their own advantages products are mainly a matter of personal preference.