BMW and Audi gap between how much? Maintenance of the master three words clearly, the owner: regret buying early

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, today’s luxury Car market also ushered in a time of vigorous development. Take the domestic Car market, which line the field of luxury Cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other brands, then a low-end Cadillac, Jaguar, Land Rover and other luxury Cars, second-line camp, these brands based on its strong market influence and strong technical strength, the price of the Car increased to 50 million level or even 100 million level. BMW and Audi gap between how much? Maintenance of the master three words clearly, the owner: regret buying early.

In these among luxury Car brands, BMW and Audi both the brand’s influence can say Is no small matter, a lot of people want to buy a luxury Car chief select the destination, for both, their prices substantially the same appearance of the body also have their own strengths, but the gap between them for much of the problem, many owners still are not quite sure, would be the time to buy Is usually casual pick one. To thIs end, master three sentences Will repair the gap between the two to make it clear, to hear the owner said: regret buying early.

First of all, in terms of appearance, brings both vIsual effect Is has a different feeling. For BMW, its overall look very athletic, especially its “kidney” grille and side of the body muscles, but also show a strong driving force for thIs Car. In comparIson, the Audi looks relatively calm, and the body looks very low-key, but it Is not due domineering, coupled with its “official Car” of the title, but also makes it a kind of “anger from the prestige” It influences.

Secondly, from the power side, the two brands of engines also have their own characterIstics. For BMW, in order to be able to pull down the price range as much as possible, so the use of some low-grade engine model Is 1.4T, for example, but in some models the main line 3 and the like, or the use of 2.0T engine. BMW 2.0T engine, divided into low, two high power, maximum horsepower respectively 184 and 252, the fuel consumption of about 6.3L. In comparIson, the main EA888 Audi 2.0T engine Is low, high power, respectively 190 and 252, fuel consumption Is about 5.9L. ComparIson, Dynamic, two similar, but fuel consumption Is above or Audi advantage.

Finally, in terms of transmIssion, both also significantly different. For BMW, it’s models mostly use AT transmIssion, the advantage of smooth shifting, ample power, and thIs Is one of the better handling BMW reasons; but the dIsadvantages are also obvious, that Is, transmIssion efficiency Is relatively low, straightforward point He says it Is more cost oil. For Audi, it use more dual-clutch, the transmIssion shift quickly, but many owners are reflected in the course there Will be a sense of frustration, and thIs Is also the need to know before you buy.

lIsten to such a repair master said, the owner also said: regret buying early. In addition to the above three points, the BMW almost the entire department are based on rear-wheel drive form, while many low-end Audi drove the Car there before, after theoretically drive to be more stable than the precursor, which Is the gap between the two. Only after considering all factors, thIs was the most cost-effective to buy the Car.