BMW 740 rear entertainment system remote maintenance failure cases

Failure phenomenon: a model equipped 2013 BMW F02 Car engine of the N52. The Car entertainment systems because the rear (the RSE) failed and the remote control into the plant maintenance.

DiagnosIs: take the Car, test authentication failure phenomenon, the ignition switch Is turned on, to try to start the engine, the smooth start of the engine unit. Open rear entertainment system (the RSE) and dIsplay, and then attempts to operate the remote controller to control the dIsplay content, find the remote control power indicator lights, which indicate a low power remote control (under normal circumstances, when the remote controller operation signal indicates lamp Is lit). Rear entertainment system remote control uses two AAA batteries as a power source voltage of each cell Is about 1.5 V, a voltage of about 3V may be provided to the remote controller in series. Section 2 of the actual battery voltage was measured, the results were 2-cell voltage of only about 1.3 V, the battery power Is indeed insufficient explanation. Put a new battery, the remote control operation again, the signal light can be seen on the remote control lighting, but still can not control the dIsplay rear entertainment system.

connection failure detector (ISTA), read the fault code, the fault code memory No. Try to rear entertainment system remote to match, with ISTA enter the “services”, select “Body” “Rear audio-vIsual equipment,” “Performing ABL RSE”, the implementation of the matching remote control rear entertainment system, when there Is ” “click the system when the message” to be able to teach new fob, fob must delete the ID Is “, then the system prompts the following steps follow.

(1) In the range of the vehicle from an unlocked 2m, press the “MENU” button on the rear entertainment system remote.

(2) holding “MENU” button Is pressed while pressing the right button.

(3) to release the “MENU” button, and then release the right button.

(4) within 5s, ISTA on pressing the “Continue” button, and you Will see the transmIssion equipment number.

(5) device number “54 2D DC 40”, matchingComplete (if the device numbers are 0, it indicates that a match Is not successful, it should be subject to exclusion of the reasons leading to re-match after match failed).

troubleshooting: After the completion of the matching test, the remote control can control the dIsplay of the normal, thus, troubleshooting.