BMW 728 Northeast brother, now 17 years of age of the vehicle to be scrapped, which the car under a change?

went to a friend’s house guest encounter with a BMW seven Department of luxury Cars, a lot of people should not have seen the Car, a 2009 BMW E38 landing long axIs version 728li, now our ownership does not exceed ten.

Although thIs Car Is 17 old Car but the appearance Is still not out of date, tires are 16-inch Bridgestone brand, the signs of wear have been able to see thIs Car rarely opened. Paint still Zeng light watt light, the owner said he would personally every three days to wash a Car, never forgotten the past few years, the Car Is more emotional than anyone else.

Is very new Car interior, with a co-pilot position footbed installed after the new, power seats, heated seats, there Is the original configuration. Indeed the one million luxury Car, most of the hundreds of thousands of new Car and now have no such function.

the Car’s rear seats a bit of luxury, the seats and door maintenance Is really good, with separate left and right sides of the ashtray door, which has a center armrest Car phone, that’s like the Audi A8, BMW seven, Mercedes-Benz S-class city with a phone call, can be considered one of the standard luxury Cars.

the Car’s driving position Is relatively high-end, four-spoke steering wheel design installed a lot of multi-function button, the Car almost 17 years can not find even a crack, the whole Car depot are original configuration.

center console design now can only be described as retro, but to see so many buttons to know that it certainly Will not be simple, with BMW 728li foot parking brake, thIs time there Is no standard BMW chicken stalls.

rear “725Li” particularly words, then drive a BMW seven lines Is definitely a status symbol, right?

it was like a new Car it was like antique Cars, there are 150 fans bid two years ago million to buy the Car, the owner said he certainly did not want to sell.

Now the new national standard out of thIs BMW 728 vintage Cars can no longer continue on the road, the owner Is also considering buying newCar, which Car the next one what should change it?