BMW 7 Series sold only 750,000, one hundred kilometers acceleration 6.3 seconds, friends say than to buy 540Li

For men, the Car Is the most important friend, the luxury Car brand Is a lifelong pursuit, imported Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari are very attractive, of course, the price Is not cheap, there are from hundreds of thousands to millions or even tens of millions. Young people are more inclined to buy a Car BMW, after all, in terms of handling and movement it does have the advantage, and now after updating the new BMW 7 Series 730Li M Sport package leading type sold only 750,000, naked prices even lower hundred kilometers long 6.3 seconds, can say a lot of friends than to buy a BMW 540Li, the configuration Will be higher.

BMW five lines after the facelift Is indeed very good, the appearance of a young sport, the interior Is also no better than the Mercedes-Benz E differential, 540Li Is equipped with 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine, but the vehicle positioning always Is a joint venture C-class, the BMW 7 Series Is secure in class D imported Cars, or 7 Series Is certainly better terms from the momentum.

The new seven lines also vary slightly on the kidney grille, standard LED headlamps, can be optional laser headlights playing BMW light than the Audi ability that Is not bad, but more attractive design.

said BMW’s interior Is very general, not good-looking Audi and Mercedes-Benz, thIs new seven lines in the center console are basically leather wrapped, though thIs Is the match of the M sport package, but still not a T-shaped steering wheel, say it Is really a shame. While in the control panel The Car has a five-dimensional interactive system, it Is still playing very good, you can adjust the volume turned fingers, a new Car there are many features Will not be used.

thIs type Is actually leading 730Li 7 Series with the lowest, so only a flat tire in terms of security, active braking, lane departure warning must be selected installed.

In addition to angel eye headlights, BMW interiors as well as an iconic device – armrest position of chicken stalls, every Car prices each model has a different interior layout, while the BMW shift knob Is particularly easy to dIstinguIsh, can be considered one of the most classic design. TransmIssion Is matched 8AT, BMW has never lost in terms of handling and speedOther brands, one hundred kilometers 6.3 seconds results really simple.

Is also standard Car dashboard whole liquid crystal Is basically the same design and 530Li have tire pressure monitoring and cruIse after switching the driving mode also changes color, looked at it very bluffing.

thIs in the control panel as standard Bluetooth connectivity and location-based services, Car networking and mobile Internet Is the need for matching, mobile phone charging equipment also needs to be installed.

The following few smart key equipment, mainly low with the Car, certainly not as 750Li and 760Li feature Is more complete, but from a design point of view the material, aluminum alloy keys and cortical layer wrap has a very high-grade.

Although the leather Car seat, but only the front and rear heating, the second row can not be brought down, nor Nouveau design, the M motion estimation kit Is a 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, nor that thIs kit package ah!

thIs BMW 730Li rest, there are many advantages, there are more than seven hundred thousand of the price of electric suction door and air suspension, the trunk Is electric induction, cost really Is not too low.

and the previously mentioned BMW 540Li Why some people say it Is better to do? The main reason Is the engine, the BMW to own thIs D class Cars fitted with a 2.0T four-cylinder engine, although there are 258 horsepower, torque Is 400 Nm, but after all thIs Is not in line with the identity of a luxury Car ah, that Is, the number of cylinders dignity, understand it or not?

top with six-cylinder BMW 540Li has 3.0T, one hundred kilometers 5.6 seconds, and thIs Is the 730Li 2.0T four-cylinder, 6.3 seconds, you Will how the election?