BMW 6HP transmIssion repair faults Share

BMW F02 6HP-21 transmIssion packets 1D3901 EGS, signal analysIs (turbine speed); invalid signal content .1B3D01 EGS, signal analysIs (shift signal); invalid content 400625 turbine speed sensor signal Is too small. 1D3B01EGS, signal monitoring (profile information); invalid content signal monitoring gear turbine speed related faults. General maintenance to replace the gearbox electro-hydraulic unit (valve assembly) Will cost about 20,000, higher maintenance costs, with my method does not require replacement of the entire body, just repair my computer, you can easily exclude malfunction.

DTCs 1D3901 1B3D01 400625
DTCs 1D3001

The maintenance method; Remove the valve block assembly, the computer detached from the body down, the computer next to the plastic cover to pry the shift position sensor, position sensor Is exposed wiring and the turbine sensor, row lines with a blade to cut a connection point (be Careful not to cutting the bad row line) and the dIscharge line of the contact surface computer processing clean, with a soldering iron can be re-welded back, then pry the plastic cover can be glued back. Replace the computer and the valve body assembly. Eliminate the fault code, a test

6HP-21 transmIssion computer
6HP-21 internal FIG computer
German technology Is very advanced

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