BMW 530Li Exclusive real shot type, do not lose the Mercedes-Benz luxury interior, perfect appearance

these days have nothing else to teach Automotive market, years after thIs time has been the cheapest prices when, years ago, to increase to mention Cars Civic, Camry are beginning to return to normal, the store to see Car population Is significantly less, 4S shop staff attitude have a lot of enthusiasm.

a common brand models I believe we are unlikely to want to see, from the recent small series of only luxury brand BMW, and only a handful of customers to the store, in the middle stands a good Car waiting for the big wave enjoy, can not afford and take a look.

a small exhibition hall Is not particularly high-end models, the ordinary version of the system highlights seven little, now learned from the sales office or sales better three lines with five system.

Sign BMW 530Li enjoy a set type, the most attractive or M sports suits, kidney grille, eyes off headlights, chrome trim are very personality, than the old Car has made progress in all respects, the black body look more mature and stable. At present thIs 530Li guide price of around 520,000, preferential Is not large, a lot of people look at Cars on weekdays, buy conversion rate Is not too high, five lines with the overall average monthly sales of Mercedes-Benz E in the tournament.

spread the word circle in the BMW fans: the BMW Is not no sports, no BMW M does not, many people choose BMW simply because two things: control well, the appearance of movement. Control in thIs area Is housekeeping skills for a Car company, the tuning capacity Is not able to say a few words clearly, related to all aspects of the Car, and the appearance of the body movement Is nothing more than a variety of high-performance accessories, as long as Willing to lower capital can do, BMW M sport package for young people have great appeal.

in terms of the new five-based smart devices equipped with a five-dimensional interactive system, central control has gesture control functions, the configuration Is quite rich, personal feel in control of thIs 10.3 inches screen Is enough, no better than the technology being integrated LCD poor Benz.

a great thIs progress in the control Car, the materials used are upgraded to synthetic leather with aluminum alloy sheet, do not lose the overall sense of luxury Mercedes-Benz E, belong ever more engaging and, of course, just a personal feeling, anyway, I can not afford.

armrest position generation five lines, there are many bright spots, chicken stalls Needless to say, the entire countertop materials are piano baking sheet, volume control keys becomes a more compact, great chrome trim also dIstributed personality, gearbox still matched 8AT, imagine the speed with shift capability.

Car dashboard Is a full-screen LCD, there are three driving modes, the color change Will follow after switching, the left top speed of 260km / h, the entire dashboard Is red, sporty bursting with sports mode!

Exclusive type Is a high-equipped version of the entire five lines, vehicle configuration quite rich, panoramic cameras, panoramic sunroof, electric induction trunk, keyless entry Harman Kardon stereo, Car networking Is standard, sitting in the Car to experience a Harman Kardon sound, 12 speakers Is really great, the sound quality does not lose the feeling of KTV, which Is probably a luxury Car with home Car difference, right?

M Sport models as well as the T steering wheel, thIs Is one of the young owners favorite configuration, the Car also comes standard with an anti-glare rearview mirror head function. After five lines lengthened in space certainly impress, red interior also adds a lot of color to give it value.

the material Is leather Car seat, the front ventilation function with standard heating, ventilation heating are required back installation, second-row seats with electric adjustment function, space Is very large indeed, there Is an intelligent middle armrest, comes with a dIsplay screen, a very high grade.

based on five new design of the rear air than before many, a double vent noIse also has not a small, generally perfect appearance .

BMW five series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class from a comprehensive point of view are the strengths, and thIs year the new Audi A6 Will be lIsted on the three pillars Will be more obvious, the luxury brand have the Car ready, the next he sent hIs Car paid.