BMW 4S shop to repair the engine in irrigation! What Is the 4S shop not dare to do it?

Now these 4S shops have to be more daring and more bold, to say good customer Is God? The result was the same deceive you as a fool. Since we bought thIs in your Car, you should enjoy quality service. But the result 4S shop staff and consumers backstabbing, for the benefit to the engine in the water, if the owner Is not to be identified, was also kept in the dark too!

ugly behavior recently a 4S shop Is expose, he found himself the owner of a BMW Car rainy cloudy day it Is easy to Automatically turn off, so he called 4S shop, put hIs Car towed back to the shop to be repaired.

do not fix it does not matter, the repair was hurt. The next day the owner of the store to see the situation, found hIs Car hood was opened, he walked up closer look, they found oil cap next to a few drops of water droplets. Nothing wrong with a few drops of liquid that Is not sticky odor-free, to a large extent water drops no doubt.

repair shop staff guilty conscience, and quickly find a variety of reasons Explanation. First said it was open the hood accidentally sprinkled go, then said to be added to the inside of the engine cleaner. Yam said not useful, the owners just do not believe, have to see the camera store. Store dIsplay monitor, the staff took the engine like dIsposable cups to pour some liquid inside, looking for the owner of someone’s staff, the result was 4S shop told him to go on vacation.

absurd! No reason to say it dIsappeared, which Is a common means of some companies. Dead no check against playing nice, the owner Is now warning that thIs 4S shop re-think how to dIsassociate themselves impossible.

Although many small problems 4S shop Will overhaul, major problems for parts to earn interest, but such benefits blinded, money orderBy whatever means, to the water inside the engine’s behavior Is inexcusable in any case!