BMW 320Li Yao night landing 20 days, Harman Kardon stereo sound amplification dare!

some time ago to share with you a BMW 320Li Car Yao remember to mention the night, landing with a red Melbourne, and now open for 20 days, had seen the whole urban area with a style! Yao has a blue night, Yao white night there, Melbourne Red Yao night Is really rare! Estimated that girls are very difficult to control it! All my friends to see it at first glance say show!

BMW three lines coming facelift, Why not choose Mercedes-Benz C and Audi A4L? ThIs Is not to explain, all Cars have their own merits, like buying your favorite.

at to explain Why they chose thIs color it, had wanted to buy time to Estoril Blue, but later found filled with Estoril Blue BMW 118i Is even thIs colors, and later considered white, and finally to the 4S shop test drive, ran three 4S shop, all red in Melbourne, even the three-line BMW official propaganda Melbourne graphs are red. Yao has a unique blackened night suite, has always been a classic red with black, so we chose a bite Melbourne red.

The color Is indeed rare, are really nice, after the metallic paint sparkling clean Car, but after the next rain body just out of the mud, like, really not dirt! Car wash fee Is a big expense ah!

BMW Sport 320LiM night more than ten thousand cheaper than Yao, Yao election night that attracts a head-up dIsplay with Harman Kardon stereo. My Car concept Is different from others, buying a Car or do not buy, Will buy bought (although three lines Is not a good Car), election rather beheaded PterIs do not say on the Car Is not suitable.

drove for 20 days, has opened more than two thousand kilometers a day on average 100 kilometers hundred kilometers Is 9.6, basically a day of oil money Is necessary about 70 pieces, really can not afford to open up!

There are many Car experience, the time being slowly come.

First of all Harman Kardon sound, the sound quality Is really to force! But driving in the city really can not amplify sound, especially now popularHey DJ song, sound three lines of already poor, there are 16 original Harman Kardon speakers, subwoofer directly to the eardrum are shaking! One million luxury Car accompanied by one hundred thousand Car stereo sound, thIs Car Is really no way out!

Is to force the vehicle hardware, T-shaped steering wheel, heads-up dIsplay, the appearance of movement M, chicken stalls are addictive. The Car rear space Is really surprIsing people, sitting very spacious, with rear sunshade roof searchlight have a great grade.

interconnected driving the Car just opened, you can unlock the phone shut, positioning with ventilation function Is also very easy to use.

And then for the next driving experience, the new three-line comfort already compatible, but it does still sports Car, the chassIs very stiff, shock absorption Is still poor and, of course manipulate really accurate. There Is 8AT gearbox, not really so legendary god.

into the original installation of the comfort heat set with package, including keyless entry, panoramic camera, dimming mirror, sensing trunk, front row heated seats, heated steering wheel, himself has always been engaged in thIs line, coupled with the full amount to buy a Car, the price was decent, not say specifically how much, lest be all that Is asked.

20 days to open the Car, the hub has two scraping, skin pieces tires hung up, not significantly better, the Car originally consumables, not too dIstressed . But thIs flat tires always make people nervous, and potholes are afraid to step on the gas, the Car chassIs and low hard seat sit for a long ass really hurt.

to summarize the advantages and dIsadvantages.

advantages: Car rear space Is large, home Is absolutely the first choice. Harman Kardon sound to the force, T-shaped steering wheel feels perfect, M Sport Package good-looking, front styling with the level of the first!

DIsadvantages: the chassIs Is too low, too shock to open up, my mother said, sitting in the Car motion sickness. Sound Is very poor, the work should be improved (especially on the rear doorBlack elongated piece face plate, the slot under the plug can be a little finger), illuminating headlamps to be improved. In fact, I do not like the handbrake, always feel off grade, but using it Is pretty okay.

today opened at high speed for a long time, Is to force speed Sport mode, 2.0T with enough power. Opened and we have found that the steering wheel sports mode Will become very hard to switch back to normal mode and steering wheel becomes very loose, the gap Is very obvious, open three-line friends may wIsh to try!

above all the personal Car experience, you can refer to, so, good night sleep it! (Jiaxing and pieces I remember a friend oh)