BMW 3 Series and maintenance cost Is about how much? 3 minutes glance, look to buy thIs car!

for people who have a Car, the Car’s maintenance costs are necessary expenditures Car maintenance. For proper maintenance, many owners choose to go 4S shop, depending on the mileage of the vehicle to select different levels of maintenance projects. However, many owners may not have in-depth study of specific maintenance projects. Today, in order to master the BMW 3 Series, for example, investigate how much it costs to maintain the Car. Here to tell you that the BMW 3 Series and maintenance costs.

When buying a Car, lorry Will send five copies of the brochure to you. One of them Is the maintenance manual. View the maintenance manual, we can see all currently sold in the US Mahua Chen Po-series models for the vehicle to provide a three-year 100,000 km warranty, to paint a three-year (unlimited kilometers) warranty service, provide for the body for 12 years (no limit km) rust wear warranty services.

BMW aftermarket 4S shop maintenance Is the provIsions of national unity to maintain the vehicle-mounted CBS prompted, and 4S shop for maintenance cycle uses the same repair method. However, in order to better safeguard the vehicle, 4S shop Is still recommended to be replaced every 10,000 km oil and filter once, while other parts are maintained according to the instructions on-board CBS system.

That Is, when the electronic instrument panel of the LCD dIsplay corresponding light means where maintenance Is required. However, on-board CBS system Is not entirely accurate, just to give you a general advice measured by the sensor.

As the BMW 3 Series maintenance cycle to maintain the prompts on-board CBS system (the default maintenance Is generally 10,000 to 12,000 km), but each driver’s driving habits, resulting in system different prompt maintenance cycle. Therefore, we can only calculate the average based on information provided by the 4S shop.

maintenance period

maintenance parts and prices:

Note: steering oil need to replace brake pads need to be replaced based on the use of brakes, therefore not lIsted.

comprehensive price lIst

There are three series of routine maintenance, accessories unit price and labor costs. According to the requirements of small maintenance every 10,000 km, it Is necessary to maintain moderate 40,000 kilometers, require large maintenance 60,000 km. For the BMW 3 Series Car owners, small maintenance 855 yuan, 2357 yuan mid-term maintenance, major maintenance 3715 yuan, less than 60,000 km Car 9492 yuan. 6286 yuan material cost, labor cost Is 3206 yuan. In addition, these are just a conservative calculation, due to climate reasons, intense driving, unconventional accessories cost of losses caused by the accident or improper driving even higher.

Master Summary: As the domestic Automobile for a long time not popular to families, basically 4S shop mode operation, many consumers do not have the knowledge and the environment price accessories channels are not transparent, so the user can only own Car to the repair shop. In fact, the Car developed countries, many owners would not choose 4S shop for vehicle maintenance, because they have a lot of buying repair parts of the platform, product prices are also very transparent, but they also have their own hands-on service conditions and knowledge base. Next time we Will give you an actual operation of the entire process of the BMW 3 Series maintenance. On the one hand, we Will do it by ourselves and enjoy the fun; on the other hand, if we buy their own, we Will see how much money we can save.