Black & blue sky, BMW sale of “carrot and stick”

there Is no technological innovation aftermarket, do not have the foundation; there Is no after-sale service innovation, lack of temperature. Both respective fields, “Carrot and stick” wIsdom BMW.

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honestly say, want to put any one service Car prices clear, relatively not very easy. After all, service Is more buried in the shop, hidden out of sight, difficult to perceive, difficult to quantify.

However, thIs does not mean the service Is not important, on the contrary, in fact, seem boring after-sales service Is an important way to enhance the favorability of brand owners.

For BMW, thIs Big Brother on the Car market Is very clear that, from black to humane science and technology, the BMW in the service really took a lot of thought.

scientific and technological innovation, improve after-sales service Is the foundation of

Why the owners would prefer to brand 4S shop for vehicle maintenance?

want to answer thIs question, we first look at the original technical services What are the advantages. For BMW, we can be attributed to innovative technology.

In a simple painting, for example, the original water-based paint colorimeter BMW aftermarket painting core equipment technician, the device uses blue and white LED a light source 12 at an angle 6 no dead measurement light path, accurate reading of the color change of the vehicle surface, and the particle size analysIs of texture detail, thereby greatly reducing the rIsk of the paint color to help achieve the perfect vehicle repair capacity effect.

Another example of vibrational noIse analyzer. Which can fault during operation of the vehicle, cabin or vibration data collection engine compartment, and based on engine speed, vehicle speed, driving mode, the size of the tire condition variables, the collected frequency shock waves for normal vehicle WAVE in contrast, the precIse separation of different noIse source or a vibration source, to confirm the point of failure, in order to improve diagnostic efficiency digital means.

In addition, remote audio-vIsual support equipment AR remote support through audition, the first-line maintenance technicians immediate technical problems, through augmented reality technology to real-time transmIssion richer experience of BMW expert group, to achieve “remote consultation” so that maintenance technicians in real-time communication and guidance exclude the vehicle as soon as possible.

In addition to the hardware enables remote technical guidance addition, BMW has developed a service specifically for BMW remote diagnostic system. Based on thIs system, BMW sales technical experts available to online customer problems and remote vehicle troubleshooting guide, and repair parts intended function by appointment and system integration dealer, arrange follow-up services, thereby helping to create a one-stop solution for Repairs .

service innovation, so that after-sales service temperature

For after-sales service, technology Is only a means, and for innovations in service, more likely to catch the hearts of customers.

For example in terms of rapid growth for BMW used Car customer base, launched the “second-hand Car to go home,” Standard Service – purchased in any channels of second-hand BMW Car and holds more than 100 days of individual owners, can enjoy a free vehicle health check, free oil filter maintenance, interconnected cloud APP regIstration Is free and long Wyatt maintenance services, including a series of original quality after-sales service.

In addition, to further help customers save time cost of the vehicle maintenance and after-sales BMW also introduced the “58 minutes oil maintenance services.” BMW customers by way of the Internet cloud APP, after-sales service hotline, customer service centers micro-channel public number, etc. make reservations in advance, you can enjoy full priority to shop at the reception, within 58 minutes, to complete a high-quality oil service and one free the vehicle health checks.

customer-centric, wIsdom BMW

remain the same, looking back at BMW in sale implemented on a variety of innovative services, it has its roots in five words: customer focus. Customer as the main body, a complete range of after-sales programIt came into being.

When customers encounter an emergency situation, by Car machines, after-sales hotline and Internet cloud APP BMW and other rescue channel initiated call request. BMW Roadside AssIstance team 7 * 24 hours to bring the guardian to fully protect customers’ personal and vehicle safety.

event of an accident, BMW Roadside AssIstance real-time monitoring platform can accurately grasp the position of the vehicle in an accident the first time to answer the call, the online guide customers to exclude part of the fault, in case of emergency you can also support by a strong team to help owners complete the traffic police, insurance companies, trailers and ambulances remote call for our customers to provide protection of life and property safety.

there Is no technological innovation aftermarket, do not have the foundation; there Is no after-sale service innovation, lack of temperature. Both respective fields, “Carrot and stick” wIsdom BMW.