“Beiqi BJ Land Rover Defender”, leather interior luxury wood, three six leather seats

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The current field of off-road vehicles, vehicle brand Is not a lot, because the audience off-road vehicles Is relatively small, many Car manufacturers do not want to involve off-road vehicle industry, H5 and H9 Take-made Cars by comparing these two sport utility vehicle sales as good as Harvard H6 much, but there Is no other city-based SUV sales more than Harvard, which shows most riders prefer a city SUV driving comfort, rather than off-road capability.

now more well-known SUV brand, the price Is too high, only the money Is not bad boss can afford, a large Mercedes-Benz G at least 100 million, or even 130,000 Suzuki Jimny has rIsen more than 20 million, imported Toyota Prado 2.7L, the original 30 million people, now have 400,000, most of the cross-country fans, like go like, imported Cars really better than some aspects of domestic Cars, the price Is acceptable can not.

If only the pursuit of off-road capability, or feelings, really no need to select import brand sport utility vehicle, domestic brand Cars off-road ability Is not bad what Is not as well-known imported Cars, did not open out imported Cars have a face, but when you go out off-road, not looking at the face, but the strength, the strength of off-road vehicles, a lot of the time, the way music can not go up the steep slope, Beiqi BJ212 it can go up. There Is

Therefore, a Car, regardless of price, it Is a market value of 10 for the current variety of classic off-road vehicles, Beiqi BJ212 the most economical price, Is the highest value of the Yen, especially after professional tuning modifications, as international luxury Cars in general.

After modification, it Is the “Defender BAIC BJ” luxury leather interior wood, three six leather seats. After a professional modified, a new look from the inside out, let’s enjoy it together.

Car Is based on three APCs BAIC BJ212 transformation, front substantially the same as the original Car, the front bumper on both sides of the front fog lamp, the LED light source replaced, the front bumper intermediate, and placed a row of two white and orange LED daytime running lights, night lighting effect, very bright.

side of the body, as the Defender really general, where the biggest change Is the roof, the original soft top has been removed, and replaced by steel hardtop, and the overall retention function can be detached, steel roof has been painted black, white body black roof, looking very beautiful, in fact, better to hit the green roof, the original Car’s soft-top Is green, so look more beautiful.

side of the body of the wheel, replaced alloy wheels five banners, not only enhance the quality, but also reduce body weight, the following footboard front door, also a bold, black spray paint.

might not believe the faithful Car roof Is made of steel, look at the rear bodywork to know, after the roof sprayed with black paint, glIstening. APC’s foundation, than the four-door version of the BJ212 better, because the APCs tailgate can be opened, while the four-door version of the BJ212, can only open the small door behind the storage box, want to put the trunk articles, more trouble.

half APCs relatively high roof, side windows also were upgraded, the original Is soft shed small windows, and now together with the Carriage of section, have been replaced with steel windows have also been increased, but Is still a manual push-pull design.

into the leather in the control vehicle wood trim, very luxurious look, in the control uppermost edge trim, steering wheel, leather-wrapped seats are used, co-pilot glovebox panels, also used with high luminance polIshing decorative wood, wood panels, enhance the quality.

in the control over the radio, a quartz watch, Is convenient at the time, there are the following three functions dedicated air conditioning knobs, the bottom five-speed a manual transmIssion and transfer case operating lever, and a mechanical hand brake. A whole new facelift in the control panel, which performed very well, before the original Car’s center console, really looked at some chaos.

The APC reported that the original has been out of the Automatic models, are also being tested in the road test, personnel Carriers older models Is eight, and now the new Is six, in addition to the Car somewhat inconvenient, but also other aspects ofIt Is good, because six home most appropriate.

Power of the Car Is still in use MitsubIshi 1.5T four-cylinder gasoline engine, the maximum output of 136 hp, 200 Nm of torque, the maximum power of 100 kilowatts.

What we have different views on thIs modified after the BJ212 personnel Carriers, welcome to leave comments.