Beauty BMW serviced, the steering wheel was changing, 4S shop: you are being unreasonable it?

beauty BMW serviced, the steering wheel was changing, 4S shop: you are being unreasonable it?

can be considered a BMW luxury Car brand, the model and it’s also been a lot of people love, just like us ordinary families, children often take that as a model own goal. But one thing recent events made us change the perception of BMW. One owners put their BMW Car on the 4S shop maintenance, did not expect to find that the steering wheel Is secretly replaced the 4S shop to mention the Car, which made her feel very puzzled, because at that time hIs own repair place and not a steering wheel the slightest relationship.

The lady then said said: hIs Car was bought in 2016, hIs Car and the others occurred virtually scratch. At that time the repair shop and he said: You come over time to take the Car, take the time to see the eye of the Car, 4S shop did not call him, at thIs time the owners felt very impatient, so he went to the 4S shop I want to look exactly, but I did not expect to see their Car instantly anxious eyes.

He was the Car accident Is to smash the tail light, looked at hIs Car, lights have been for a good, but also to their maintenance more appropriate. But just to drive when they found it in the steering wheel that something was amIss, after inspection I realized that thIs was not before. Beauty BMW serviced, the steering wheel was changing, 4S shop: you are being unreasonable it? So she would find the theory 4S shop, 4S shop but not admitted, and said: ThIs Is vexatious!

owners in desperation only to help them find a Reporter, when the Reporter said: Do you have any evidence to prove that the steering wheel Is replaced by the it? Then the owner Will find a picture on the phone said: because I am their nails long, put in the process of driving the steering wheel to draw rotten, but also feels rough coarse hair, and now the wheel has been scratching gone, but feels relatively smooth, thIs Is the evidence.

So they took the photos to find the 4S shop 4S shop to see the photos Shique stunned, they did notThe owners think there Is actually evidence, but they died to admit its fault, does not recognize thIs thing and they have a relationship. BMW tail lights hit, repaired to change the steering wheel stolen, the owner: do not produce evidence does not recognize? Finally, the owner can only choose alarm to protect their own interests, but also said the owners, said: Although I am not worth thIs bike, but I have feelings for him, thIs Is what you mean?

thIs matter after being posted to the Web, there are many users to show their views, some say: ThIs Is really let us too dIsappointed, not BMW Will also think of thIs problem. Others say: Is not thIs the owner made a mIstake? But the evidence here we can not deny it to go, if the owners say there Is no evidence, we may have the opportunity to justify, but has come up with photos, facts had been put in there. I do not know if you feel that thIs matter should be how to deal with it?