Beaten face facts! Mercedes expensive than the BMW, Porsche comparable service, but it Is made in U.S. quality?

beaten face facts! Mercedes expensive than the BMW, Porsche comparable service, but it Is made in U.S. quality?

Volvo Is a Car from Switzerland, he has claimed to be the high-security index and excellent performance of the Car. However, a recent News event on a high-speed stall him off the block, attracted public ridicule. It can be described himself hit hIs face.

The understanding of the causes of thIs incident Is old xc60 dual-clutch gearbox problems caused, the owner suggests that thIs Car models have thIs situation, while the owners take into account their personal safety Issues. Went to communicate with the 4s shop. Beginning 4s shop vehemently denied Is their problem. After repeated coordination of owners, eventually admitted 4s shop Is a problem of their dual-clutch gearbox. But they excuse that the Car has passed their expiry date, and let the owners themselves bear the maintenance costs of $ 70,000.

and the owners believe that the problem comes from the Car itself, not for personal reasons. So the owner said he was Willing to take. Finally, due to an invalid number of consultations, the owner for their own rights and eventually get things posted online, hoping to get a fair return. Sure, 4s shop finally agreed to free repair. However, even more incredible thing Is xc60 repaired gearbox appeared not linked files and lost power problems. ThIs matter extremely dIsappointing.

At the same time, most recently at the Chengdu Auto show, also appeared Volvo protect their rights, due to the frequent occurrence of such rights. Inevitably be Tucao friends. Friends joked: “Volvo Is a Mercedes-Benz BMW price, Porsche for maintenance, it Is used in domestic quality.” While thIs statement may seem a joke, but in reality Is Volvo’s current fundamental situation.

Volvo has always claimed to be: “Nordic safest luxury models.” But now the occurrence of such events Is undoubtedly the Volvo own ashamed to leave. In the face of such problems, think Volvo Is not how to remedy in a timely manner, and tried to excuse and shirk responsibility, it Is let down through netizenstop. I think if you want to Volvo regained Genjiao in the United States, still have to study Carefully designed and Carefully handle the after-sales service.